Friday, January 21, 2011

don’t you just love it when…

you’re reading over something you wrote a while back and although you’re finding a few mistakes – grammatical errors, passive voice, chapters in the wrong order, too much or unnecessary description – you realize, wow! This is good. You can write!

That’s what happened to me last night. I was reading over my new work in progress, namesake, and while I know I have to make a number of changes and fix a bunch of stuff, it is as good as I hoped it was. I like these people and I can’t wait to see where I’m going to take them, what predicaments I get them in and out of, and how it’s all going to end. Because although I do have it outlined to a certain extent, I am a bit of a pantster so I don’t know everything – yet.

Right now, Arlen (the namesake) has just met Louis, the ‘cousin*’ from across the pond.

* in my story, a cousin is a way to refer to someone as a witch without coming right out and saying so. As in, oh yeah, he’s a cousin.

ps thank you to everyone for your support and kind words on the loss of my follower and don't forget, bookmarks to anyone who wants one. You can even pick your own design :)


  1. It's kind of painful to read my old writing because of that! I try not to. I can hardly keep up with my TBR list!

    It's fun when you don't quite know what's going to happen in you WIP yet. I leave enough room for pantsing in my writing for that fun.

  2. Oh and I'd love a bookmark too!

  3. Hi, just popped in to say HELLO and see how you are doing. I know that follower leaving bothered you and I wanted to check in on you to see how you were. If we lived closer, I'd have you over for a good meal and lots of laughing.

  4. Thanks happy, it did bother me at the time but I let it go. I posted about it because someone else had mentioned it on their blog and I remembered how devastated I felt. Of course, you were all right, people come and go and my blog's 'worth' is not based on a single folower. Thank you for thinking of me and I DO wish you lived closer - except I'd probably be over all the time for the meals you cook and turn into a butterball and butterballs don't run so good ;)

  5. I like reading my stuff because it shows a positive progression that I am learning and writing better...Great post.

  6. Once in a while I read something of mine that I think is good - followed by a scene that sucks. That definitely keeps my ego in check!

  7. So we'd be two butterballs running on the track. That's a little funny. Have a great weekend. Just made some lunch and headed to do the caramel apples next. Eat well.

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