Sunday, January 2, 2011

no kiss

courtesy of Frankie Writes:

… Arlen was silent a moment, then, “What else do you know?”

Adrian laughed and it surprised her, for she hadn’t heard him laugh before, hadn’t thought he was capable of it.

“I know a great deal, Miss Howard, which is why you and I should seal our bargain, truth for truth.”

“It would seem you have more to give than I,” Arlen said, “Why would you want to make such a bargain? Why should you care what happens to me?”

“Two reasons,” Adrian answered, “The first is that if I can thwart Grace in any way then I will do so. And the second is that you have been speaking to my mother, Rowena, and I should like very much to ask her a few questions.”

Arlen swallowed her surprise. How on earth did he know about Rowena?

“But…but that would mean going back to Wyndham Hall.”

“It would.”

Arlen considered. Should she make this bargain? Did she want to?

“Very well, Lord Wyndham,” she said, “I accept your offer.”

“Excellent,” Adrian said, rising form the chair, “But I insist you call me Adrian; I cannot abide titles.” He took the few short steps between them and held out his hand.

Arlen hesitated just a moment, feeling as though she were making a deal with the devil. But then, wasn’t that what witches did?

She gave him her hand and he took it, pulling her close, and she almost thought he might kiss her. His smoky grey eyes were on her and looking at her in such a way she was sure he would. And for a moment she wanted him to.

But he only brought her hand up, brushing her knuckles with his lips while his silvery eyes remained on her face, holding her, pinning her.

He released her abruptly with a pleased smile. “Now, let us go find your friend, Clarissa,” he said, “I expect she will be thrilled to have you as a guest for a few days.” *

*from Grimoire, which I am nearly done revising. Of the 23 items I needed to add/change I only have 7 left.


  1. Really? She's a witch? Cool! I want to read more!

  2. Oh yes, I agree with the comment above... I want to read more!!!

    Thanks for sharing! I LOVE those almost kisses!

  3. **fanning my hot cheeks**
    wow...I mean, uh, wow.

  4. Very interesting :) I got the "Regency" out of it without being slapped over the head with it. Great writing & good scene. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh, cool! I remember this scene! :)
    I didn't know about this No Kiss Blogfest. (I have been bad about reading blogs this week.) Rats. I would have entered something. :)

  6. *ugh* Don't kiss the hand! Kiss the girl! Great scene, even if I don't normally read historical fiction!

  7. yes, wc, she's a witch :)

    and j.c. don't be too disappointed; it's a YA regency witchy romance, which is way better than plain old historical fiction :)

  8. Ohh. I like that she's a witch! That's a fun element-- and the fact that she's a witch kind of wary of this Lord definitely makes me wonder what he's got up his sleeve! Nice!

  9. I'm so excited for you Marcy. You are so close to finishing. This is going to be a great year for you!

  10. Smouldering sexual tension works so much better set 200 years ago doesn't it?!

    You say so much about the characters in so few words, nicely done!

    :Dom (My No Kiss)

  11. Cool scene. That's wonderful that you only have a few more things to revise--awesome!!

  12. thanks everyone who commented - I love comments!

  13. Ooooh, I do love this! How exciting that you are almost done. Then what? Will you query? Or does it go out to readers for their changes? You are so close!

  14. Jennie, it's already been with 2 readers, one of whom wants it back when I finish revising. I also have an agent who expressed interest in it so...we'll see what happens.

  15. Hi mshatch. Thanks for coming by, I'm with you. There's stuff I won't eat out because it just doesn't compare.

    Happy Eating.

  16. Ooohh, a witch! Historical fiction witch and some possibly evil Lord. Fun! I love it. :)


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