Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok, maybe not completely 100% done, but done with revising – until I get an agent who tells me to. Or I change my mind. But I am definitely moving on to another stage of novel writing; I call it polishing.

Here I will read aloud my entire tale so that I can catch those potholes, tighten the flow of language, eliminate unnecessary words. Here’s where I can really try to focus on using “definite, concrete, and specific language.”

One of our wonderful bloggy friends mentioned this in a post not long ago – and if it was you, please shout out! - six things we can do to improve our writing and this was one of them. Use definite, concrete, and specific language. I wrote them all down.

Anyway, I’ll polish, and, since I like to reward myself when I accomplish something, I’ll allow myself to play with my new work in progress, namesake. And yes, it’s witchy. Tomorrow, if you’re interested, I’ll post the first chapter.

How do you reward yourself?


  1. I always buy a new book as a reward. :) Congrats on finishing the revisions, and good luck on polishing! I hope it goes well!

  2. This is my favorite part.
    And thanks for the book list!

  3. YAY for finishing your revisions!! And YAY for posting your first chapter!! (clearly I'm interested :) !!)

  4. Congrats! I'm sure you must be so happy to be done with revisions. I don't know that I do anything specific to reward myself. But I think I'll start!

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