Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

ok, not truly a snow day since I’m off on Wednesdays – lucky me – but it’s still fun to have a day when you know you’re probably not going to go anywhere, regardless of what plans you had. And I’m so thankful NOT to be at work on days like this because everyone cancels their appointments and it is BORING.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you how namesake, my new pretty toy, came about. I had just finished writing Almost Paradise and was starting to query when I got this idea for a sequel to another book I had barely started, and yes, that would be Grimoire. Anyway I ran with it for 30,000 words. And then, of course, I realized I need to write Grimoire first. Now that I have completed that task I can play with namesake again.

And I’ll tell you something, I’m always surprised how a few months away can make me see my work in an entirely different light. The good new was it was still good, still captured my interest as I hoped it would. But I also immediately found problems. Like the fact I hadn’t even begun my tale with my main character, duh! So I fixed that. Then I discovered a chapter that totally bogged the action down and I cut that – not completely but in a separate file so I can use it later if needed. Now I’m about to add and delete certain references as I read through to where I left off - which was on chapter 12 - and as I go I’ll stop and fix and update my outline until finally the tale is done. I suppose it sounds a little pantsterish but like I said, I do have an outline and lots of notes on who’s who of Cape Cod’s witchworld circa 2020. And I have a pretty good idea how it should all turn out. So maybe I’m only half a pantster.

Anyway, that’s how I work. How do you work? What do you do on a snow day?

(this is the view toward the end of my driveway. Hmm, doesn't look like I'm going anywhere soon)



  1. I love this picture. Fantastic. Have a great snow day and a Very Merry Wonder Woman Wednesday.

  2. What a wonderful snow day! And an ideal writing day!

  3. I try not to do anything on snow days.

  4. That is gorgeous! I need snow days. My problem is that I have a day off and start out in my pajamas, but then I think of a million things to do. There is always an errand to be run and I swear the laundry basket is magical - you take all the clothes out, turn around and it's FULL again. Trying to focus today on writing. Getting my hair done at 3:30pm, which I can hardly wait for! Then more errands...see, never ends. Enjoy your day!!

  5. That picture reminds me of something from Narnia! Enjoying the discussion at Wandering and... on working: I have some notes and I keep a file open that I refer to while I write. But I rewrite while I work-- I don't write tons of words per day as many do. I refine and then move on. It take me a while before I am ready to move on and then I reread a lot so that I am sure I keeping continuity. Very anal but otherwise I don't feel like I can move on freely.

  6. Beautiful picture, Marcy.
    Snow days? What are they? We publish every day of the year, snow or no snow, Christmas, New Year's. Even blizzards! So no snow days for this journalist. Have a super weekend!

  7. Ah, such a lovely picture! ;) I love snow. On snow days I do still have to work from home though. Happy snow day to you.

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