Thursday, February 10, 2011

same bat channel

I remember watching this as a kid, with Adam West as Batman. But who was that slinky cat woman? I think a couple of different women played her. Do you remember? It seems she wasn’t quite as bad as the joker or penguin, or riddler. Remember his outfit? Yikes! I liked Mr. Rogers, too - especially meow meow kitty - and Captain Kangaroo, and Romper Room. I kept waiting for the ‘teacher’ to look in her magic mirror and say, “And I see Donna and Cathy and oh look, there’s Marcy…” but she never did. Did you have a favorite show when you were little?

Meanwhile, a tiny bit bummed today. I sent a query off two days ago on Almost Paradise and got a practically instant rejection early this morning. Which means; I suck and she shot off the email to let me know as soon as possible, or, I don’t suck and she barely skimmed beyond the query (ie the synopsis and first two chapters as requested), or maybe I suck/maybe I don’t but for whatever reason she just couldn’t get excited about my story, or…ok you get the idea. Anyway, I guess it bothered me because the reply came so quickly, as if very little thought was involved. And while that may or may not be true that’s how it feels. Like a quick dismissive no thanks rather than a well thought out I-took-my-time-reading-this but no thank you.

C’est la guerre.


  1. You don't suck and she was feeling.. bitchy?... that morning.

  2. Sorry about the instant R, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the writing. Been there too.

  3. No. You do not suck. But isn't it good to know you don't have to waste any time wondering about that publisher?

    I'll take instant over long drawn out rejection any day!

    Hang in there!

    What about Thunderbirds, Kimba the lion, Speed Racer? Remember those?


  4. You don't suck. Rejection sucks though, no matter what the circumstances. Keep going!

    I used to set my alarm to get up EARLY on Saturdays to watch Adam West as Batman. (What was I thinking?) The Catwoman episodes were the best! Didn't Eartha Kitt play her some of the time?

    The bookmark arrived today. It's beautiful. Thank you :)

  5. thanks Alex and E, and I do remember Kimba the white lion, another fave :)
    Carrie, I think you're right about Eartha Kitt and I'm so glad you like the bookmark!

  6. Julie Newmar is the Catwoman I remember best and the one that springs to mind when I think of her.

    I confess to being in love with Davy Jones from the Monkees.

    As for the quick rejection, why not say that she wasn't in the market for a story in that genre/setting and that's why she made such a quick decision? It's probably the most likely reason. Could be she already has something like that and can't take on a competing project. It probably had little to do with the quality of your writing and everything to do with other clients and projects she has.

    I agree 50 foot QU -- a long, drawn out rejection is worse, because then you KNOW they've really combed over your work ... and still found you wanting. :(

    Still sucks, though, no matter how you look at it.

  7. Hang in there, it's not personal.

  8. good point, Dianne.
    You're right, happy, it isn't personal; it just feels that way.

  9. Sorry about the rejection! That stinks! There is just no easy way to hear "no" And yup, Eartha Kitt was the Cat Woman most of the time, I think.

  10. OK. So now I'm jumping up and down. What a flashback you just delivered in your first paragraph. I'm so with you on like everything you said. I remember Romper Room and, like you, kept waiting for my name to be called but it never was. And oh how I loved Mr. Rogers. He always made the coolest stuff out of empty shoe boxes. And the fish and the trolley and Daniel Striped Tiger and .... Oh, and Captain Kangaroo. I loved, loved, loved Mr. Green Jeans and Bunny Rabbit and Dancing Bear. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    About the rejection, I've sent queries and, no lie, got a rejection back in fewer minutes that it took me to use the bathroom, and I felt exactly the way you're feeling. Hang in there. You will find someone who believes in you and your work. Have a terrific weekend Marcy

  11. thanks all for your support - I know it's part of the process; but I swear I've never gotten a rejection letter so fast. maybe it just took me by surprise. And Buffy I'm glad you remember all the shows; they were fun :)

  12. Sorry about the rejection. I've gotten quick rejections before once or twice. They know exactly what it is they're looking for and I agree with Dianne, that it might not be what that particular agent is looking for. I'm also with the others in that I'd rather hear quickly than drag it out and have hope for so long when it doesn't pan out. I think that makes it worse for me.

    Keep going, you'll get there.

  13. You can't take it personally. You can expect to get many rejections, sometimes not even a response at all. Does that mean you're terrible? Not at all! We ALL go through it, it's part of the business. But if you don't keep going, it will never happen. Just send out the next one when a rejection comes in without second guessing why. In the meantime keep writing, keep revising, keep reading, keep learning and improving. Believe me, when you finally get the call/email/whatever, it will be worth it!!

  14. Batman! I Dream of Jeannie! I loved after school television. For about an hour. Then, we'd be outside until we were forced to come in for dinner. Good times.

    I wouldn't worry too much about that rejection. It seems it was much too fast to have been carefully read or considered. I agree with Alex's conclusion:)

    I have a goodie for you on my blog!

  15. Nah, you don't suck. It just happens that way sometimes. And though *you* don't suck, the situation always does.

    You'll get 'em next time.


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