Friday, February 18, 2011

what’s new

well, the picture’s new for one. Like it? I definitely like it. I’m done with snow. Two, Dianne and I are still accepting submissions for our First Impressions Post, coming March 1st. Three, we’ve got a tiny little heat wave going on here in Maine, 43 degrees here yesterday, more of the same for today. Hurrah for melting! And four I think I may finally have figured out chapter six in namesake. It had to be revised. That was a given. But the way I was doing it proved to be a dead end. It just fell apart. Plus it forced me into an info dump. Have you ever had that happen? Anyway, I started it like this instead :

“It was a little before two when Arlen put her headset on, comfortable in her bed in the loft. Alice had gone off for the afternoon, which gave Arlen a certain amount of privacy – enough to risk doing something her parents had banned her from.”

Basically I decided to go back to the way I’d originally wrote it, but with a few additions. The info dump will come in the next chapter by which time I hope it will be more welcome. Does that make any sense at all?

So, how do you work around/through those little problems that crop up and stall you?


  1. I need to be working around those little problems....shame!!!

    I love the new header. I was done with the snow, too. Whew. Enough, already! Glad it's warming up. We've actually been in the 60's and it's glorious.

    That's an intriguing little snippet you've posted there....

  2. I love the new header! What is that body of water?

    How do I work around those little plotting problems? I whine and moan a lot.

    Many times, I find they can be resolved by backing up (sometimes a chapter, sometimes all the way back to the beginning, deleting the path that took me to a dead end, and forging out in a new direction.

    That method saved the current WIP ... for now.

  3. Hah...I'm way stalled, right now. I think I need some Marcy vibes. I really need to start working with you again. Miss it. I'm glad you're moving forward with new projects and some I recognize.

    I've just written a query for GD--which is completely different than what you've read. Hoping to grow it into a full on synopsis and then begin writing it. I also have a picture book that I'm almost finished. Surprisingly, it's hit a cord with a someone who's very interested. Now I just have to finish it. hah....

  4. I like the photo. And isn't it frustrating when you reword something to the point that it's back where it started?

  5. Yes, that makes absolutely perfect sense! Excellent start to your chapter - I'm already curious!

    I am struggling with a new chapter and it's info dump. I deleted an entire chapter between my scenes... and boy is there a lot to figure out!

    Gorgeous new header!

  6. I like the pic...I plug ahead and keep going. The end should be there somewhere.

  7. Dianne, that's pretty much what I did - but you know all that...

    Sheri, love to see the query if you care to share.

    Alex, yes, frustrating AND ironic that I pretty much had it right the first time. oh, well, sometimes those side trips are necessary.

    Marisa, yeah, those info dumps...sometimes they're needed but it's so hard to make them NOT sound like info dumps.

    E. glad you - and everyone else who said so - liked my new pic :) thanks for stopping by!

  8. Now THAT is one beautiful photo.

    I don't know that I have a method for fixing all those little things -- wish I did! Usually I just fix what I can, and as the story continues to come together, the rest of it kind of resolves itself.

    Note that I said 'usually'. Definitely not always!

  9. Love the new header; it's a stunning picture!

    It's funny how those little problems pop up even when you think you've finished. I don't have a set method to deal with them - I usually scrawl a note on a post-it note and then go back and change it when I've got time.


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