Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, the five day forecast reads like this: temps in the 30s and 40s, snow likely on Friday. Of course, it has to be a joke, right? I think I'll close my eyes and pretend it doesn't exist. I don't think I can bear any more snow. I want spring but it's been cold and windy. And I haven't heard the peepers yet either, dammit!

But...the ice and snow are nearly gone and even if it does snow it can't last. I'll be running soon and it WILL be warmer, both of which will make me a much happier duck. Sunshine + running = happiness in my book. Oh, and traveling. I’ve discovered I like to go places, like here:

San Francisco 

or here:

Sanibel Island 

and here

Boothbay Botanical Gardens

What makes you happy?

ps only 2 days until the A-Z blogfest, which, when I last looked, had well over 600 participants (and you wonder why I've been scheduling my posts in advance for the past week, ha!). Plus, Dianne and I will be posting our April first impressions on Friday, April 1; Monday, April 4, and Wednesday, April 6; my a-z will be the rest of April, except for one day. If I'm lucky. Are you ready?


  1. Oooh, your new header makes me happy!! So warm and bright! We had such lovely weather last week - this week, it feels like it's going to snow :(

    Hey, I just started Sapphique! How are you liking it?

  2. Love the new header. Very nice.

  3. Marisa I am liking Saphique, not too far into it tho -

    thank you happy!

  4. I hope spring arrives asap to banish all the snow where you are!

    Good luck with your A-Z-ing. I'm not participating but I'll be around cheering you all on!!! Yay! take care

  5. Traveling for sure makes me happy! And pictures of the beach totally make me happy. :)

  6. Love those water lillies!!

    Something that made me happy today actually occurred during our final day of standardized testing. My class pulled back the security seal on their writing prompt (I'm not joking. There was a seal.) and groaned universally. I peeked at it and gave them a big smile. "You can do this," I said. "I trained you to handle one like this." And then they realized -- I had!

    I told them if they were given any prompt where they had to write about a person, they should consider writing about somebody they read about or learned about in class, because they would have a lot of content to work with.

    Three fourths of my class wrote about somebody we studied during our recent Revolutionary War unit -- and they wrote TERRIFIC essays that also proved THEY WERE LISTENING and THEY REMEMBERED.

    I was so happy!

  7. I love, love your new blog picture. It's so beatiful and makes me want to go to a tropical island.

    I think the A-Z is over 700 now. I've been debating whether to participate because I didn't know what I'd write about every single day but an idea hit me last night so I'm going to decide soon.

  8. old kitty, I hope so too cuz I am NOT a winter person!

    Janet, I love the beach and I especially love Sanibel.

    Dianne, that just proves what a good teacher you are ;)

    Kim, DO IT!! And that pic is actually from the Botanical Gardens a mere 20 minutes away from me, in MAINE if you can believe it.

  9. I'm with you on the running and warmer temps. I so can't wait for that to happen.


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