Sunday, April 3, 2011

B is for Bertrade

In my story The Way to Dendara, Bertrade is a troll and a battlemaid. It is she who first goes to fetch Lucy out of her world:

"As soon as the clock struck 4 p.m. someone huge walked into the library and nearly every gaze was drawn to the figure as it approached the front desk. Lucy, too, turned to look.

She could not tell the sex for the clothing worn was loose-fitting and could have belonged to either gender; corduroy trousers, a vest of some sort, and a hooded cloak that belonged in the past. The former concealed the figure while the latter nearly concealed the features. The light, however, was enough to reveal the ugliest, most hideous face Lucy had ever seen and much to her dismay, the person (or thing) came directly toward her, halting only a few feet away.

“Lucy Akker?” The voice was low and surprisingly pleasant.

Lucy just stared.

“Come,” it said, “It is time.”

ps don't forget, first impressions #2 is on for tomorrow (and #3 is scheduled for Wednesday), but after that, it's all A-Z.


  1. Interesting character.
    Does she have a sense of humor? An easy-going nature or sarcastic?
    Bertrade's intro begs for more. It creates questions in my mind and THAT is a good thing.

  2. I love Bertrade the Troll!!!! What a character! Thank you!! I'd read more - poor Lucy!! Take care

  3. Bertrade the battlemaid troll -- already conjures an intimidating image. Poor thing. At least she has a pleasant voice. :)

  4. I had a brief vision of Bertrade as a bridesmaid - something about the name - it was a wonderful image too :D

  5. Great! Love Bertrade! Delightful!

  6. This is a wonderful Post. Nice job. I love the name

  7. I like it! My kind of post.

  8. what an intresting name, Bertrade.


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