Thursday, April 14, 2011

K is for Katherine

And here's where Katherine and Jack (from Almost Paradise) meet for the first time:

Katherine balled her hands into tiny fists and swung wildly, connecting with flesh and feeling the sting of contact. The hand was knocked away and her assailant thrown off balance. She scrambled away, banging her knees on the floor when she fell off the bed.

The valise, she thought, there was a small derringer in there, if she could reach it... A hand wrapped itself around her ankle, yanking her back across the floor and burning her already bruised knees. She let out a curse, forgetting that ladies did not curse.


Her fists swung again. This time, however, they were caught and brought back over her head, held there in a vice-like grip. She felt the coldness of metal and she knew it was a gun, something much better than the little derringer she had.

“Now, you can live a bit longer if you cooperate or you can die right here. Your choice.”


  1. What an action scene - yay! Thanks for sharing! take care

  2. Woo! Intense scene. Really enjoyed it (though it did leave me a bit breathless). :)

  3. Wow, lots of intense action. Really well done!!

  4. Awesome. She sounds like a true badass capable of messing anyone's world up! Nicely written. Great K post and great blog!

  5. Oh man. If this is how they meet I'd love to see how the proceed to interact . . .


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