Thursday, April 21, 2011

q is for queen

In this case, Queen Corliss from The Way to Dendara, who has been cursed. In this scene, Lucy is meeting her mother, the Queen, for the first time:

A hand reached out to pull the bed curtains aside and Lucy nearly screamed.

Instead of a still attractive but sickly woman of middle years (which was what Lucy had expected to see) there was nothing but an old crone, a small, wizened slip of a woman whose face was like that of a withered apple. And Lucy was glad for the darkness, glad it hid what it did, including her own horrified expression.

A little cackle escaped the woman’s cracked lips along with a speck of spittle. “Eh, I know what you’re thinking,” she said with a raspy voice and a gleam in her eyes, “You're hoping I am not your mother, eh?”


  1. And withered apples are gross!

  2. Oh poor Lucy!!! What a shock!!

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this scary snippet! Take care

  3. I hope the queen has better things in store for her. I have forgotten this part. Is she like the hat maker in Howl's Moving Castle?

    Even in this very short passage I imagined a lot!

    Time for a reread of the Dandara story!

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