Tuesday, May 3, 2011

characters you can use

today I bring you the horrid child which could, at some point, turn into the evil child or evolve into the evil (as in serial killer variety) adult. This is a real life example of what the child might look like, act like, talk like. For the sake of anonymity, no names will be used...

The child is younger than school age; she accompanies the mother everywhere. She does not listen when told to sit or stay or don’t touch. In fact, the child purposely tests the mother’s limits, reaching out to touch what is forbidden, listening to the mother’s empty warnings, then snatching whatever it is and darting away. The mother says, “Well you’d better sit there then.” And I think to myself, “Wow, you sure told her who was boss.”

The child has a full face, short full hair, and an evil smile. There is no doubt she knows she can pretty much do as she likes without consequence. She has already been an accomplice in the breaking of the dog’s leg and today she purposely steps on the dog’s tail. I am reminded of the statistics regarding children who abuse animals.

This is the child that listened when I said to leave the dog leashed but did as she liked as soon as my back was turned, while the mother looked on, and then (mere minutes later), the child is out the door and heading toward the parking lot. It's almost a shame she doesn't make it.

And I wonder what sort of monster she will turn into when she hits puberty.

Have you observed any characters lately?


  1. Wow, M. That is a child from hell if there isn't one. Um...or maybe she was having a bad day.????

    I observe children all day/every day. So many stories - both horrible and lovely.

  2. Ugh I hate parents like that. >_<

    Well... I met a man who was 60+ but still stood tall. Was kind but exuded a strength and confidence. Also, he had a wonderful voice.

    The sort of guy I like to put into mentor roles. :-)

  3. Ah! I happen to think the monster is the mother who doesn't rein her in. When my kids were little, we had long lists of these evil little monsters we would not allow at our house... every one of them had a permissive parent behind them. YES, there are children who push the boundaries more, but a child who has this managed well at 4 is actually a TEEN who knows how to lead and make her own decisions and so is EASIER... Kids never reined in though, better find a productive creative outlet, or it's trouble...

  4. I think I would blow my cool at that point!

  5. Crikey!! I hope some kind soul will find the time and effort to help this child before it's too late. Oh dear! Take care

  6. I do observe characters often, but always seem to forget to write stuff down about them. Your character sounds like a good one, so to speak. :-)

  7. Glad you all enjoyed my horrible child:)
    Sheri, I'm sorry to say that the child was having a normal day.
    Hart, I agree; it's too bad the mother doesn't have a backbone.
    Alex, it's hard not to say anything, but harder still to be nice to the kid. really hard.
    Old Kitty; one can only hope.
    Tony, I forget a lot, too, but this is the kinda kid you don't forget; she's that awful.


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