Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the junk pile

Every now and again I just have to peruse my junk email to see what sort of interesting things might be lurking in the subject line. I figure, since I have to deal with it, I might as well have some fun with it once in a while.

Here’s what I found the other day:

1.Gold Rush. Learn how to buy.
I have to ask, is it that hard to buy gold? Do we really need lessons?

2. Hidden Cameras…and …True Love
Both sent from, who can not only help me find true love but aid me in spying on them later. Nice.

3. (I love this one) Let a GPS tell you where you are.

4. See what is coming
I'm thinking crystal ball – one that actually works, right?

5. Pigeon Forge Deals
I can only say wtf?

(and finally this)

Alaskan Cruise
Ha! Not likely.

What do you do with your junk email? Ever look at it? Or do you just delete it all without looking?

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  1. Like the hidden cameras one! I get at least one 'enhancement' spam a week. Er, no thanks, don't need it!

  2. #5- If you've never been to Pigeon Forge, TN, it's fantastic! I'd like to make it up to Maine sometime but the gas prices are forcing me to consider flying... ;)

  3. Usually I just get the 'enhancement' spam like Alex, and the no-title-in-the-subject-line ones, which when you open, they promise you great wealth if you click on the link. Er, no thanks.

  4. I'm always scared that junk mail might have viruses so I just delete and never read! Sometimes I want to though cos they do look like fun! Take care

  5. Jenny, thanks! See, that just goes to show that all that spam isn't junk, just most of it :)

    Old Kitty, I don't open it, (wouldn't dare - I've been infected before and I DID NOT like it)I just look at the subject line.

    Alex and Stina, haven't gotten the enhancement ones recently, I get plenty of other inappropriate ones though.

  6. My spam filter catches that stuff and so I almost never get to read them, but sometimes I go into the folder and peruse, just for a good laugh. I'm an heir to an estate for a guy named "Owen Carp"! I've won the Irish lottery! I can buy a PhD for $15 (that one especially makes me feel like both laughing and crying).

  7. I never open it. I tend to only get the enhancement ones when even the sender's name is sleazy sounding.

  8. Right now I have a junk drawer and the inside of a fridge that needs cleaned. I don't get too many junk emails or spam on my blog, either. Woohoo.

  9. I scroll through my junk mail before I delete it all. I seem to get lots of emails for dating websites. I'm married. Wonder how that happened?

  10. I'll go through my junk e-mail about once a week, just for pure entertainment. My favorites are the AARP membership e-mails I get for only being 23. I mean, I know I'm supposed to be "maturing" but really?


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