Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunday pics

This is San Francisco, one of my most favorite places to go. My sister used to live there before moving to Singapore. I am hoping she might soon be living here:

(view of Swamis Encinitas, from San Elijo Campgrounds Cardiff State Park south of, D Street." Courtesy of and Kyle Thomas (thank you Kyle!)  at

where are your favorite places?


  1. Bora Bora island! I've never been though!

    Take care

  2. Both places look stunning. I've always wanted to go to Borneo. Maybe one day?

    Ellie Garratt

  3. Gorgeous pics! The travel section in yesterday's paper had an article on Cambodia that made me want to go.

  4. Nice photos! I like just about any place in the British Isles.

  5. Old Kitty, I'll have to check out Bora Bora...

    Ellie, likewise.

    Kittie, thank you, though I can only take credit for the first. The second was taken by Kyle Thomas, who was gracious enough to allow me to use it.

    Alex, thank you, too, and I agree; I especially want to go to Scotland as I'm allegedly 1/4 Scots, which must be why I adore the bagpipes :)

  6. Anywhere! Everywhere! I can't pick.
    Lovely photos.

  7. Anywhere but here!!!
    But certainly a clean beach will do!


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