Monday, June 27, 2011


How to tell if you're closer to publication than you might think

·         Instead of the standard polite form rejection letter, you’re getting some personal comments and suggestions.
·         Although your manuscript is still getting rejected, you’re also getting requests to send something else.
·         Someone you know recommends you contact their agent.
·         An agent or editor contacts you directly.
·         You’ve outgrown your critique group.
·         When you consider your previous submissions you understand why they were rejected.*

This week I'm also over at Unicorn Bell offering my humble opinion on members' queries, excerpts or what have you. Check it out and join if you'd like to give and get critiqued. There's also a contest going on there in which you can win a copy of Donald Maass' The Breakout Novelist.

Meanwhile, there's still one slot open for July's first impression if anyone is interested in having their first page critiqued by myself and Dianne.

* courtesy of Writer's Digest Magazine, July/Aug 201, p. 39.


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I'll have to check out Unicorn Bell as well!

  2. I agree with Alex: all great signs!!

  3. If you are getting some of these, you might want to consider making some tweaks to the manuscript and some changes to your query/pitch. I fiddled with Pinpoint constantly while querying, and I KNOW my pitch was all wrong for the longest time.

  4. I hope there are lots of writers out there experiencing these fabulous things!! Yay! Take care

  5. I'm hoping to reach that stage one day!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. That list certainly rings true. I'll tell you, sometimes a personal rejection with an invitation to send more feels like a win.

  7. So true. Right now I'm pretty far, though. I still have to start submitting. :-D

  8. What a nice list to look forward to. I hope I get there some day.


  9. I've been experiencing some of these signs and Anthony is right, a personal rejection with an invitation to send something else definitely makes me feel like I'm doing something right :)

  10. Thanks for the Unicorn Bell infor! Love the list too :)

  11. Nice list! And it is so true :)


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