Tuesday, June 7, 2011

talk about a cliffhanger!

Here’s how part one ended:

After racing up the stairs as fast as I could I yanked open a door and came out onto a rusty metal landing outside a five-story building. Worse yet, no stairs. They were gone and I was standing on a windswept landing with rickety rails above the city [did I ever mention how I don’t like heights?]. Apparently I'd been working both sides of the fence and got caught. 
Two seconds later an army green helicopter came out of nowhere.

Do you ever have dreams like stories, like you’re just plunked down in the middle knowing everything that happened before? These are my favorite dreams, because I’m never me, at least not the me I know. I get to be someone else. It’s like living another life. And the best thing about these dreams is that even if I wake I can usually go back and continue on with the story. Which is what I did.

But in part two I played a different part. I was the teenage daughter of the evil kingpin and his first lieutenant was driving me to school. I noticed a pale yellow van pull out after us and disappear into traffic. I knew they were following us but I never said a word.

As you can see, my dream life is immensely more exciting than my real life. Which is why I love to sleep…and dream.

Oh yeah, and there were some crazy explosions at the end of part two :)


  1. Man, you remember your dreams in such detail! No wonder you're a great writer.

  2. Ooh...this sounds interesting. I love when I have a great dream like that. Only, most of the time, I can't remember it fully. Grr....Writing it done immediately is the key. :)

  3. Sounds like you need to plot some of this stuff out and see where it leads. :) I love it when I remember a really good dream.

  4. Wow!! I wish I could remember such vivid dreams!! Yay for you! take care

  5. Some of the best authors in history admit to using dreams as their inspiration. Mine never seem to make any sense. These seem like great hooks that would lead to great stories! Keep dreamin!

  6. yeah, I like to dream - especially when it's like that. But I don't always remember my dreams. Sometimes all I remember are a few images and a feeling.

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