Monday, August 15, 2011

speaking of winter

First, let's be clear; I don't hate winter. I really don't. I just wish it didn't last so long. I may have been born in New England but I'm really a California Girl at heart. I spent almost two years there when I was a kid and I think it got into my blood.

Part of the problem is the length of winter. Here in Maine, winter can last until April. I remember my first winter here my brothers and I were out target shooting in a foot of snow while the temperature must've been in the 60s. We had gotten so much snow it took until mid-April to melt.

The other problem is the cold and the fact that one has to wear layers upon layers just to stay warm. I don't like wearing lots of clothes. I like going barefoot and wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I like the sun on my face and brown as berries arms and legs. I am a summer girl!

However, on the flip side, there is something cozy about snuggling in with a movie or a good book while the snow flies outside.  And who doesn't like the holidays with all the pretty lights and silly yard decorations to make fun of?

It's just that once the holidays are over and we've had one or two good snowstorms I'm done with winter and cold and freezing rain and wind and ice and bundling up and driving carefully for fear of sliding and just never being warm. I'm ready for summer.

But looking at that picture now, I can think about winter happily, knowing summer isn't over yet - knowing that I like winter in the beginning. I'm just hoping it will be a short one :)

What's your favorite season?


  1. I've lived where it's really hot, really humid, and really cold, and I definitely prefer locations that get a lot of snow in the winter.

  2. Spring going into Summer and Summer going into Autumn!

    I seriously can do without winter!

    Lovely pic btw! Take care

  3. I like the cold, but I know what you mean about the winter lasting just a bit too long sometimes. I love Sept 1--January 1: The fall, the holidays, all the colors and celebrations. I hate the heat and love when it gets cooler. But then the long, long slog through the first few dark, cold, desolate months of the year starts, and I find myself wanting to fast forward a bit.

  4. Alex, I'd love to send you some of the snow we get.

    Old Kitty, I don't mind some winter, just not so much!

    Sarah, yes. If spring could start in february I'd be pretty psyched :)

  5. One perk of the winter is that you don't have to put all the icky sunscreen on you. :D

  6. Every season has its perfect moments -- spring flowers, summer swimming, autumn leaves, and winter skiing. But of course, we get sick of each one eventually -- spring hayfever, summer stickiness, autumn rain, and enough with the winter snow! (Especially *after* I've had my fill of skiing and snow days are starting to encroach my summer!)

  7. Spring and Fall, but if I had to pick one it would be Fall. All that rain in Spring, ya know.

    We have long winters here in the midwest too. I hear you.

  8. fall, autumn, colorful leaves, pumpkins, perfect crisp weather, and holidays

    i've lived north and south, tho georgia is my favorite (longer fall and spring) the north had too much cold and florida no change. the midwest has been a great place for the kids and "the seasons are just right," said brownie locks =)

  9. Do I really have to answer this question? :-p Favorite season, by far, is autumn. At this point, I probably don't have to explain why.

    I do love winter, just not as much as fall. Am I ready for it to be over after a few months? I think sometimes I am, but usually I'm content.

  10. I love fall. It's crisp enough to wear a scarf and fantastic double brested coat and you get a few storms but the cold doesn't comepletely take over. As a native born Califonian the concepts of a winter that lasts until April kind of sends me into a panic.

  11. I'm an in-between gal--spring and fall! :-)

  12. I love the fall in Colorado. We have warm days up until the end of October, but by then the leaves have changed color, the sun sets lower, and the air has that crisp coldness to it. Love it. Also, I get to drink lots of warm tea and wear sweaters. :)

  13. Stina, I have no problem putting sunscreen on. In fact, I think I'd rather that than a bulky down jacket.

    Dianne, yes, there are nice things about all the seasons. But I still like summer best :)

    Lydia, here in Maine spring is also known as mud season.

    Tara, fall is pretty; just wait til you see my punkin'fest pics!

    Anthony, I'm guessing you like fall because of Halloween, or maybe Oktoberfest?

    Taryn, See that's what I like about California, they do have a cool wet and rainy season (unless you're in Southern Ca)which allows you to wear those fun cold weather fashions (like my awesome vintage lined corduroy jacket I got in San Francisco) but it doesn't last long enough to get depressed over. I think I'd miss the pumpkinfest tho :)

    Christina, that's good! That way you never have more than a few months before a season you love :)

    LG, too far away from the ocean for me. I'm a New Englander and I think I'd miss the sea -

  14. I'm with you, I'm a summer girl. The first part of Winter is okay-- right up to Christmas (LOVE Christmas!) but then I am done with it. I love the warm months and don't want to see snow AT ALL. I personally would rather live in Florida.

  15. Spring or autumn. Take your pick really neither too hot or too cold (usually)

  16. I didn't mind the snow as a kid, but then I didn't have to shovel the driveway. As a San Diego native, I'd have to say spring is my favorite season: warm sun, cool breezes.

  17. Al, you're lucky I think - altho I might miss snow now and again :)

    Milo, ah, California *sigh*

  18. I am with you. Our winters here in Massachusetts aren't as bad as yours, but they never end when they should...they just hang on all dreary. I am a barefoot summer girl too and as much as I love August, it gives me angst for what is to come.


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