Wednesday, September 14, 2011

second chance

Sadly there was only one entry for my creative challenge. But that one entry was an awesome one and I thank the Book Breather. Her prize, The Clockwork Angel, is on it's way to her along with a lovely bookmark made by yours truly. But because it occurred to me folks might have been busy on Labor Day doing nothing I've decided to give everyone a second chance to win. The two books remaining are The Monstrumologist and The Magicians. All you have to do is be a follower and write something about this picture:

Meanwhile I've been working hard on my revisions for The Way to Dendara, having cut nearly 20,000 words to date, as well as change my first person POV chapters to third person - no easy task let me tell you. I've also found a new toy which may or may not turn into something interesting. It's hard to tell. I've found so many toys over the years and they seem so pretty and shiny at first but then ...something happens. I lose interest or they just don't work right and eventually they end up in a file, unfinished. Oh well.

So what are you doing? Working on? Care to enter my little creative challenge and tell me something about the picture above? Want to win a book plus an oh so fabulous bookmark AND stretch your creative muscles all at the same time? C'mon! It'll be fun :)


  1. Wow, 20,000 words is a lot of cutting! Good for you. And a first person to third person switch? You've been busy. Crazy busy.

    I'm shelving my last novel until I can get some perspective on it and then I may or may not revise it. For now I'm working on a shiny new story and enjoying it.

  2. I can't imagine cutting that many words! I usually need to add several thousand.

  3. LG, I love shiny new toys.

    Alex, lol.

  4. Kudos to you for cutting so much! I had to laugh because I'm in the middle of switching from 1st to 3rd person as well. Are we on the same plan/schedule here? I'm far enough along that I plan to send out the next 5 queries tomorrow.

    I must have missed the start of the contest you mentioned. I have no idea what the rules are (I'll go searching after I post ;), but here's something off the top of my head.

    Sedalia lay curled up on the hard ground, shivering from the cold. The darkness surrounded her, but the sky to the east turned a softer gray as she watched.

    She wiped at the tears and then her nose. Part of her wanted to stay in the dark forever. She would be closer to him in the dark. But the sky continued to lighten and her heart followed suit. Rolling to her back, she watched the salmon colored glow move upward. The clouds scattered to reveal the blue white of a new day.

    He might be gone, but the sun still rose each day. And for now that was enough.

  5. thanks charity :) the rules, which you followed perfectly, were just to be a follower and write something - anything really - about the picture.

    as for WIP, it's actually been 'finished' for a long while, but unrevised. Hence the cutting and switching.

  6. I thought Book Breather's story was so good she could only win!!! Yay for her - huge congratulations and what an entry too!!!!!

    Good luck with your revisions - you're doing great!!!

    Take care

  7. I can so relate to the cutting. I literally cut my first novel in half from 125,000 to 62,000 not fun.

    The pic is beautiful ...

    After a long, breezy stroll on the beach, Gabrielle sunk down into the damp, wet sand to stare at the oncoming sunset. So many images played through her mind. The man she had all intensions of marrying proposed to another girl.

    "How could I be so stupid? My best friend no less," escaped from her parched lips.

    She closed her eyes hoping, praying to forget.

  8. ooh! thanks Michael. now we have two intriguing beginnings :)

  9. Well, you know what I'm working on: tweaking VOLTAGE and trying to hold off sending it to my agent until I'm satisfied I've done everything I can to it.

    I have a toy, but it's not as shiny as I hoped.

    And the new school year is killing me. I am utterly drained. Either the students are sucking my blood when I'm not looking ... or my immune system is working like a dog to fight off some germs.

  10. 20,000 words is a lot of writing.

    Good luck with your revisions!

  11. sound pretty busy with revisions. Good luck with that. The pic is beautiful. I'm having a bad case of brain fart right now and can't get my imagination going. I'll try later if it's still up. =)

  12. Best of luck with revisions! I'm working on the first draft of a new genre for me. Fun.

  13. I've switched POV before, and I know what you mean. It's amazing how many little things change when you do that.

    About the picture....hmmm

    She had just finished The Sky is Everywhere, and when she stare upward, she knew it was true.

  14. D we'll have to talk about your new toy.

    Golden Eagle, thanks!

    E. yeah, I'm pretty much living in revision land right now.

    Tara, that sounds exciting! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Julie, so true. And even tho it's a lot of work to change the POV I actually think it was good I wrote it that way first. I think the revised version will be better for it, if that makes any sense.

  15. 20K? Wow. I'm trying to cut 2K from a novelette, and it's killing me.

  16. I love that picture! I'd love to be her, just lying there and imagining things.

    Good work on your WIP! I still have to finish my first draft.

  17. Milo; it was 164k, if you can believe it and I still have lots more cutting to do.

    Lydia, my son's gf on Damariscove island, no doubt doing just that; lying there and imagine things.


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