Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday pics

I have no idea what flower this is. But I loved how bright and purple pink it was in all that green. 

Meanwhile, I enjoyed Contagion, which offered an extremely realistic and sobering portrayal of what might happen if a novel virus (one that has not been seen before) got into the human population, how easy it could spread across the globe, and the resulting chaos. I suppose some people might get freaked out or think this is yet one more thing to be scared of but it's not like it hasn't happened before. The Flu epidemic of 1918 was just that sort of event only we didn't have the technology at our disposal we have now. Anyway, there isn't much one can do to prevent this sort of thing besides practice good hygiene, right?

As for today, it is effing gorgeous outside here - temps in the 80s!!! - and I'm planning on a nice long walk in the woods with my brother and our dogs.

Enjoy your day :)


  1. I'll definitely catch it on NetFlix. And it's a dreary grey day here.

  2. We're having our very own Indian Summer here - summer's last shout and I for one am joining in! Hooorah!

    Glad you enjoyed the film! take care

  3. Great pic! :)

    It's warm here, too; though more like in the 70s.

  4. 84 degrees at 3:30p. I hope it isn't Summer's last hurrah but I'm afraid it might be...

  5. We had GORGEOUS weather yesterday, but today it's rainy - which is actually very nice. It's so beautiful here when it rains. :)

  6. It looks like a "pincushion flower" to me. I have a plant that produces flowers like that, except in blue.

    But I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination! It is pretty, whatever it is.

  7. It is a perfect fall day in the Midwest. Combines are running and dust is flying as they harvest the corn. (seriously, EPA, do you really think dust in the country can be regulated?)
    I look forward to your Sunday pics. Excellent as always.

  8. Beautiful pic! I stay away from movies like Contagion because I find them so depressing. However, I devour nonfic about events like the 1918 flu pandemic, so ... not sure why that is.

  9. beautiful pic!
    glad your weather is nice, we had perfect 70s this wknd. love fall!

  10. sorry, i just noticed i recapped what 2 other commenters said! how unoriginal of me!
    have a great week =)

  11. Hubby and I saw Contagion Friday night. The movie theater was having issues and the movie started fifteen minutes late. They even skipped the movie trailers (which I LOVE!). So when the movie started with no opening credits on Day 2, I felt cheated. I wasted a good half of the movie feeling lost because I didn't know what happened on Day 1.

    By the end I figured out it was all planned that way. Or was it? Still confused but carrying around hand sanitizer every where I go.


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