Thursday, September 22, 2011

yay! we have another winner!

From Charity:

Sedalia lay curled up on the hard ground, shivering from the cold. The darkness surrounded her, but the sky to the east turned a softer gray as she watched.

She wiped at the tears and then her nose. Part of her wanted to stay in the dark forever. She would be closer to him in the dark. But the sky continued to lighten and her heart followed suit. Rolling to her back, she watched the salmon colored glow move upward. The clouds scattered to reveal the blue white of a new day.

He might be gone, but the sun still rose each day. And for now that was enough.

I also really enjoyed this one from Michael:

After a long, breezy stroll on the beach, Gabrielle sunk down into the damp, wet sand to stare at the oncoming sunset. So many images played through her mind. The man she had all intentions of marrying proposed to another girl.

"How could I be so stupid? My best friend no less," escaped from her parched lips.

She closed her eyes hoping, praying to forget. 

Thanks guys :)


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