Tuesday, October 11, 2011

peak foliage

yeah, pretty spectacular, eh? Taken by the son while we walked. 

Meanwhile I played hooky yesterday and cleaned a ton, found some old stuff from my twenties that made me like my teen self WAY better (let's just say I'd be mortified if anyone read what I tore to shreds), gave a bunch of books away, worked a bit on both my projects, and made the rounds. Tonight on my way home I was listening to Terry Gross interviewing Jeffrey Eugenides, who wrote The Virgin Suicides. And it got me thinking about what I write and where I'm going with it.

Do you ever do that? Do you ever really think about what you're writing and why you're writing and what your goal is? 


  1. Since it's October and I'm a Halloween girl, I'd have to say it's a spooktacular picture.

    I was off today and also cleaned. Have off Thursday and will have to probably continue. We're approaching another purge of the house.

    Have an oogie boogie night.

  2. WOW! Gorgeous. They said that because all of the rain we've had, the leaves won't be that colorful this year around here.

  3. For the most part I think a great deal about what I'm writing and why, but I have a hard time with knowing where I'm going.

  4. thanks, Happy :)

    Buffy, it's beautiful around these parts right now.

    Rubye, I know what you mean.

  5. That is one beautiful pic!!!

    I try not to think too deeply about my writerly alter ego!

    Take care

  6. i have to write down these stories and the better job i do, the more people will enjoy them!

    it's kinda selfish, i guess. like, "look what i wrote, ma!"

  7. beautiful pic, btw! i will put one up in november =)

  8. I do think about it from time to time but my main motivation is just the thrill I get from creating- it's almost like a high when things are writing themselves. It's those kinds of moments that get me through all the work and revision and waiting and hoping.

  9. Wow, your state sure knows how to do autumn justice! We're just starting to show the slightest tinges of color here in Georgia.

    Sure, I wonder about my writing. Like, why have I been spending so much time researching and writing posts for my blog instead of working on my book???

  10. Stunning photo! Yes, I think about why I write but I don't come up with much of an answer other than, "I have to."

  11. Katie, a adore those moments.

    Susan, I could be spending more time writing or revising but I really enjoy blogging and technically, it is practice. don't you think?

    Liza, yeah, that too!

  12. I'm thinking about that right now!

  13. Beautiful photo!
    I often think about when and how I'm going to be able to attack the piles of writings that I've already done. About 99% percent of everything I've written is non-fiction and although many of my stories and experiences are interesting (at least to me), I often reflect on the "me" that experienced those things. Well, I'm sure that was as clear as mud...


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