Monday, November 14, 2011

my next house

A grand estate boasting a simple mid-century modern elegance and located down a private and gated driveway in a most private and desirable Ross location. This gorgeous property includes a 6,400+/- sf residence with 5BD and 6 BA situated on 3.5 +/- acres with incredible views of Mt. Tam and surrounding areas. The mature landscaping, swimming pool, sweeping lawn and meticulous gardens all contribute to the charm of this rare and distinctive property.

 for a mere $4.4mil

It has a library...sigh

Where's your dream house?


  1. I love looking at real estate listings and fantasizing. My dream house: something by the water, I think, looking out on a cold, stony beach, with a big fireplace and a really nice kitchen.

  2. When you buy this house, Marcy, can I come visit? It looks like the perfect place for a writing retreat.

    Dream house -- Between my cozy little mountain getaway condo and my main residence, I'm pretty happy. There's lots of renovation and remodeling that needs doing (in both places) and I like that! I do have a "dream addition" I want to add to my primary residence -- a sun room with a bar and built-in book shelves.

  3. It's a castle, secluded somewhere in the mountains. With a moat. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

  4. That one about fits the bill!

  5. If that house was in Bora Bora island - then it's my dream house too! Maybe we could house-

    Take care

  6. Yeah, who's gunna clean that? LOL. Still trying to visualize my dream house. It'll certainly have acres of land.

  7. Well, as long as we're dreaming...I'd have a manor house in the English countryside with an award winning garden. Oh, and with lots of handsome servants running around. :)

  8. I could totally live there. Though my dream house is about 4 stories, old, with a lot of nooks and crannies that other people wouldn't necessarily have the imagination to give use to. I want that challenge. Definitely though, with the libarary--tall ceilings, floor to ceiling shelves, a fireplace and a COMFY CHAIR (yes, I said it). And a huge wooden desk with heavy drawers set right next to a window... no... french doors that head outside to where good smelling flowers and a discreet hot tub sit.

  9. My dream house would have a huge kitchen, a finished basement, and a beautifully landscaped yard with multiple gardens. Lots of room to entertain and enjoy life. Tons of bedrooms and baths, several stained glass windows, and a huge bay window in the living room. In reality, whenever I see one of those "dream homes", the first thing I think is, "I don't want to wash all those windows!" (or clean all those bathrooms, etc.)

  10. My dream house is near Pebble Beach. My only wish is that its walking distance to the beach. Great post.

  11. Umm, wow:) Nice house;) Like the blog a lot too, also the dedication to critiquing other manuscripts, very cool:)

  12. Sarah, you should move to my state; we've got lots of cold stony beaches, especially this time of the year :)

    Dianne, you would always be welcome at my house.

    Alex, a castle sounds lovely - as long as I don't have to clean it!

    Liza, it does, doesn't it?

    Old Kitty, definitely would house share!

    Elizabeth, if I could afford that house I'm guessing I can afford a cleaning person, too!

    LG, yeah, I wouldn't mind an English country house, in fact, Great Chalfield would be one of my top picks.

    Hart, I love a comfy chair :)

    Susan, I would LOVE to have stained glass windows.

    Mina, my other next house is in Sarasota, on the beach :)

    Mark, so glad you stopped by!


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