Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday pics - last year's tree

This was last year's, which I bought at one of the local hardware stores. There were only a few left by the time I got around to getting a tree so I had to face the bad side toward the glass. Still, decorations and lights can do a lot - as you can see. This year, however, I decided NOT to pay money for a tree when I could use that cash instead for stocking stuffers and what have you. So I went out into the woods (I won't say exactly where) and cut one down.

It's a bit bare. Charlie Brownish, actually, albeit taller. Today I will bring it inside and see whether I can transform an ugly duckling into a swan. Next Sunday I'll post the pic.

How are your holiday preparations going? Getting any writing done? I'm about to do a little revising of chapter 7 before finishing up chapter 8.


  1. hey, now, I didn't say anything about stealing...

  2. I bought a potted tree three years ago - it's now grown to nearly 5 ft! I've had to repot it every year in bigger and bigger pots and it's utterly lovely still but oh so heavy!LOL!

    This tree is gorgeous! The lights are gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see your tree next year!

    Take care

  3. So you're saying you "borrowed" the tree? :P

    Merry Christmas. And well done for stuffing those stockings instead.

  4. Wouldn't it be cool if you had a family of chimpmunks in it? Then you would have acquired some 'free' pets ;} with the potential of creating a sequel to the movies.

  5. LG, well, I'd like to say I borrowed it. I was even thinking about it. But unfortunately I can't exactly put the tree back. Ok. I could, but it would not be as it was, shall we say. So we'll just leave it as I got one in the woods :)

    Ms. Persevere, no chipmunks inside the house! I had chipmunks inside (the walls)one winter and it was NOT FUN! They were NOISY! I was so glad when they moved out and I blocked up the hole. Sneaky little devils.

  6. I remember this picture from last year!

    I commend you on acquiring your tree in a "traditional" manner.

  7. We did that one year and the poor thing had some sort of worms that started hatching in the warmth of the house. Big mistake on my part. It was funny though.
    They just cost too much money for this camper.

  8. Beautiful tree!

    Charlie Brown trees have the most heart. :)

    I'm getting woefully little writing done. I had wanted to finish my novel by the 15th of December, and then it became the 20th . . . but now it looks like it will be Christmas (or the end of the month) before I get it done. Darn.

  9. That's a great tree! :)

    I'm getting closer to being ready for the big day, but my writing is paying the price! I did 5 batches of cookies today :)

  10. No doubt, your tree will be gorgeous. Better than MINE ... and it'll smell better, too. (Check out my Monday post to see what our tree looks like.)

  11. I think that's a great idea! Too bad all the trees around here are palms... I'm not climbing up one of them to decorate it!


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