Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday pics - friends in faraway places

Okay, it wasn't THAT far away but it was Florida and it was the first time I ever met another blogger friend in person. Who was it you might ask? Who did I meet and actually have lunch with at a sweet little French cafe in Winter Park Florida?

Yep, it was Michael from In Time, who happened to be staying in Coco Beach. When he heard I was visiting the area we found a way to meet up at the Morse Museum which has an incredible collection of works by Louis Tiffany, including the Tiffany Chapel which was designed for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. I only wish I could've taken pictures to show you how amazingly beautiful it was. More amazing is the fact the chapel resided in crates for many years following a 1957 fire and it wasn't until 1996 that the Museum's trustees resurrected the chapel. The conservation and re-installation in a new wing took nearly three years and while it isn't the same chapel that was first exhibited in 1893 or the one Tiffany brought home to Laurelton Hall, it is a masterpiece nonetheless, "a temple of art."

As for Michael, he was the nicest person ever, actually pushed my mom around in the wheelchair the entire time (she can't walk for long distances) and was as much in admiration of the art work as we were. We all chose our favorite pieces and lamented over the restrictions on our cameras and I bought a little blue bird which I will have to take a proper pic of at some point. But I'll leave you with this one...

enjoy your Sunday.


  1. So awesome that you got to meet Michael. I'd love to meet some of my blogger friends. And the chapel sounds amazing.

  2. Oh wow!! Marcy is that you?!? Oh wow! You look super duper amazing! Yay! Big hello to Michael too!! Take care

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time. Love the pics.

  4. Michael has turned into the traveling gnome. I keep seeing him pop up on people's blogs after they meet him in person. LOL.

    What a great place to visit. I'll bet it was absolutely stunning.

  5. Soon as you said Florida, I knew who it was! Awesome you guys got to hang out.

  6. trekking your blog!!! nice piece of art..


  7. So fun when "virtual" friends get the chance to meet face to face!

  8. "a little blue bird" you say? That little bird looks to be a magnificent peacock in - is it cloisonne? Or stained glass?
    That's cool that you got to meet Michael.

  9. awwww!! i have yet to meet face to face, someday!
    and gorgeous pics!

  10. Getting a chance to meet up with another blogger is a wonderful thing. Experiencing beautiful artwork at the same time just makes are the more better. Glad you have a wonderful time.

  11. Hey, Marcy,

    Man, we look like we were having THE best time... perhaps because we WERE! It was so my pleasure meeting you and taking your mom around... she is the sweetest! Tell her I say hello, please.

    I was so mad we couldn't take pics. That collection of Tiffany was THE most beautiful I have ever seen, and I have been to the museums in NYC and Chicago, since I lived in NYC, and still live in Chicago.

    I really enjoy meeting other blogger/friends. There is nothing more fun for me and I hope to meet more and even more.

    Marcy, I hope to visit you in Maine one summer. It sounds so lovely where you live. And you better drop me a line if you are ever in Chicago!

    Many more fun times to come.

  12. Hey I've been to Coco Beach! whoa! That collection sounds absolutely amazing...It's ok about the pics. I often find that when I take pictures they're so much of a let down from what I remember anyway. :) It's best if I just buy a catalog of the show...

  13. Great pics! It's great meeting up with bloggers. I've only met one so far but it was a brilliant experience.


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