Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday pics

It's wet and dreary here this weekend so I'm cheering myself up with pics of warm, sunny Florida...

 Have a wonderful Sunday :)



  1. We could do with some wet and dreary in SoCal -- it's been WARM, and fire season is just weeks away...

  2. The flowers are so gorgeous in Florida. I love all the blooming trees.

    We're still having warm weather here, but the nights are getting chilly. Kind of looking forward to a cool down so I can start wearing scarves and sweaters again. :)

  3. That's your yard? Very cool. The middle plant is wild.

    1. I wish. I live in Maine where it is damp and dreary. A good day for ducks, as they say. Piccies are from Florida when I visited.

  4. Damp and dreary here in Oklahoma also. However, after all that terrible heat we had it is good to have rain and clouds.
    Overall, I'd prefer the Florida weather by far.

  5. The middle bloom is amazing!! All curly and twirly! Yay!

    Oh it's totally different here today - warm-ish and quite sunny - after such wetness! Take care

  6. The folks who live in Florida are probably posting pictures of Maine, and wishing they were somewhere cooler...

  7. Rain and dreariness here. Husband says it's good napping weather but I'm not napping. Have a good Monday!

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