Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Did you know that suicide accounts for half of violent deaths in the world? Or that more people die by suicide than in war? Or how about the fact that in the United States alone 35,000 people kill themsleves every year. And then there's all the people who tried and failed - but are still thinking about it. I'll bet if you think about it, you know someone. I did. Her name was Sarah Gallagher and she was my son's best friend when we lived on Cape Cod. She was 17 when she killed herself. I don't know why it happened but it didn't have to. It could've been prevented.

If you want to help people like Sarah, click on the picture. It will take you to an amazing auction hosted by Justine Dell and Sarah Fine where you can get some cool stuff AND help people like Sarah - or sign up via the rafflecopters below (assuming they work...and if they don't it's my fault - sorry!). 




  1. Suicide is one of the sensitive subjects in the book I'm self-publishing so it is rather nice to see this subject being addressed. It is very sad how many people, especially teens, choose to end their lives before they've truly begun.

    Thanks for mentioning this. I will check this out.

  2. Marcy, thank you so much for posting this, and for sharing your personal connection to it. I'm grateful that you're calling attention to our giveaway and auction!

  3. There's always a better way than suicide.

  4. I was just thinking about this because I heard on the news today about a high school junior here who took his life.
    I think we look at suicide from a rather skewed angle in this country and perhaps the programs designed to help those who are suicidal use the wrong approach. Because of the extreme bias against suicide in the U.S. I'll refrain from commenting further except to say something is very wrong when kids feel the need to end it all, and it may not be themselves.

  5. I am so in love with this cause and the giveaway/auction Justine and Sarah have put together. Totally awesome! I posted about it today, too!

  6. What a great cause - good luck and all the best with the fundraising! take care

  7. Great cause. I think we've all been touched by this.

  8. An incredible cause. Thanks for posting this.

  9. The suicide rate among returning veterans is really disturbing, too.

  10. Very touching post, Marcy!! I've knowing a couple suicide victims, and both effected me so much. :( I'm so sorry about your son's best friend. That must have been so horrible for everyone!!

  11. i knew a beautiful girl who ended her life. we never understand the reasons and no reason is worth a life of possibilities. thanks, marcy.

  12. Absolutely vital cause.
    Suicide has touched my life six or eight times (no I don't want to count right now). First when I lost a friend in primary (elementary) school to a murder-suicide, and most recently when a friend's seventeen year old took his own life.

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