Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last month's dawn...

My apologies for the late post, I was up late playing Skyrim. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.


  1. Pretty sky...even if you weren't up in time to see it THIS morning. :)

  2. Oh. Well. I'll forgive you. Especially with photos like that to grace my day.

  3. Happy Sunday to you too!! Take care

  4. Those late fall skies are gorgeous aren't they? I take way so many pictures like this and never post them because they occur so frequently and I've never been satisfied that I really caught the best one. Cheers!

  5. Still kicking Skyrim butt I see. Hubby bought a new game for the 360 today, don't remember the name but he wants to return it.

    We have a local game shop that allows returns on used games. Love that option.

    Happy Gaming. Great photo.


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