Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday pics - California

As promised, a few pics from my recent visit to my favorite state.

These were at the entrance to Knowland Park...

These were the hills we walked over...

This was the Eucalyptus tree with these acorn-like things, seeds I suppose.

and this was a pretty flower walking back from stroll in the neighborhood. Each street was higher up than the last and I imagine the houses with the best views were the most expensive. The persimmon trees were gorgeous.

Meanwhile, in addition to tomorrow's first impressions I'll also be over at Unicorn Bell and visiting you :)


  1. The rolling hills are beautiful.

    1. They were! I really love California, miss it - especially as it's getting quite chilly around here! We have snow.

  2. Ooh, love the flower pic. Wouldn't it be nice to have flowers year round?

    1. I think that's why I like California; it might not be Summer warm but it never gets really cold and there are still things blooming. It was nice.

  3. Love that gnarled bush with purple flowers!!

    Take care

  4. Beautiful pics, but I'm still more drawn to the picturesque beauty in the shots you've posted of Maine. (Although I could do without the snow.)

  5. I'll always love the Bay Area. Everything from Mt. Tam to the pastoral rolling hills in Sonoma County. I never took the drive to work from Sausalito into the City for granted -- the majesty of it all was such a great way to begin a day.
    Beautiful photos.

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