Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten Fabulous Women

Last week Carol at Under the Tiki Hut gave me this award. Thank you Carol :)

The only 'requirement' is to share this award with ten other women so, without further ado, here they are:

Dianne - not only my very awesome critique partner and partner in First Impressions, but the author of a new MG series about an extra day. I've read the first two and seriously, I love them as much as HP and hope to heck it turns into an even longer series so I can enjoy more of the world she created and the characters (I absolutely adore Evangeline and Tegan and Riley's pretty sexy, too). You can find her at In High Spirits.

Sheri - my very first writing buddy who actually lives in my state. I'm still hoping to see the manuscript I first read of hers in print with a lush sexy cover. You can find Sheri at any one of the following places: Writer's Alley, Oasis for YA, and WS4U (a Facebook writer's support group). Yup, she's a busy girl AND she has four kids and a hubby!

Huntress - I can't even remember how Huntress became my CP but boy is she the best at finding all those passive verbs and repeated words (nah, do I do that? You bet I do). Her first book is coming out next month (Wilder Mage) and I've read it, too, and cannot wait! Huntress is also the founder of and fellow contributor at Unicorn Bell AND she has a farm which involves more work than I care to think about.

LG - over at Bards & Prophets (isn't that a great name?!) doesn't post as much as I'd like because she's busy writing but she always finds something interesting to share. I've also read a wee bit of her work which I enjoyed immensely and I'm hoping she might want me to read some more :)

Susan - who you can find at I Think; Therefore, I Yam. She writes the best posts about our (semi-united) states with not only some very interesting stuff but some really funny and ridiculous stuff, like laws still on the books you wouldn't believe ever got written down. She recently released her first book, Hot Flashes and Cold Lemonade.

Liza - Damn I love Liza. Not only does she have a header picture that reminds me how much I miss the South Shore (that's Massachusetts for those who don't know) but she posts other fab pics of her yard (gorgeous flowers) and garden as well as short fiction. She also offers her services as a copywriter. You can find her at Middle Passages.

Lexa - writes dark spooky YA stories like Soul Cutter, her first book, coming in December. If you click on the link you can read what it's about. Does it not sound absolutely delicious? Lexa also lives in Egypt and her blog includes some interesting facts about Egyptian wildlife and Egyptian Gods.

Angela - can be found at Angela Brown in Pursuit of Publishness, Angela L Brown writes, Partners in ParanormYA. Additionally she's written two books: Neverlove and Frailties of the Bond. Angela has a daughter, too, and a job, and maybe a clone or two hidden somewhere to be in five places at once.

Julie - is one of the nicest bloggers I (virtually) know. She often highlights other writers and bloggers, shares their good news, and offers lots of writing tips. One of my favorites is her series Writing lessons learned from (insert name of book). You can find her here.

Martina  - whom I just discovered recently over at Adventures in YA Publishing. Not only are there tons of writing tips, but industry news, conference news, and some extraordinarily cool give aways. I recently won the book I'm reading now: Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass.

It goes without saying that the recipients are free to accept the award or not, no hard feelings, but I want to thank them all for being there along with everyone else I didn't mention because there are a lot more than ten bloggers I love as you can see from my blog list.

How about you? Is there anyone you just love in blogland? Feel free to give them a shout out in the comments and have a happy Monday :)


  1. Your blog is one of my most visited .

    You can draw your own conclusion... ;-)

  2. Excellent selections!
    And my list of special friends would be huge.

  3. I know many of these woman and I think they are fabulous too! I just added you on twitter this morning.

  4. My dear LG from BARDS AND PROPHETS is my fave blogging lady too :) It is quite possible that she and I have the longest running blogging relationship in the blogosphere since we've been supporting each other for at least four years now :) on a daily basis!

    1. It's true, we've been blog buddies for years! And we're finally going to do a joint post next week. ;)

    2. oh, hell, FBI will get even more info on me than they get from my Google activities :)

  5. I know some of those bloggers, but a couple are new to me. Great choices!

  6. Hey, thanks, Marcy! Sorry I'm late getting over. Appreciate it very much. And, um, if you want to know where that name Bards and Prophets came from, I'll be sending you pages sooner than you like. :P

    Now off to check out some of these other women I don't follow yet. :)

  7. Oh, Marcy! Thank you so much! What a wonderful way to improve a challenging Monday! I will click through these and check the others out!

  8. A great list of wonderful people.

  9. Excellent choices!

  10. first, great to hear the lessening of the skunk!
    and all your great writing progress!

    now, this is a great bunch of women!! i like this award!

  11. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Marcy. I feel honored to be in such delightful company. (Where's the cake? Do we have a cake...?)

    It'd be impossible to pick out just one special person in the blogosphere, because I've come to genuinely care about a number of them. BLOGGERS ROCK!

  12. What a fun award. Congrats to you and all the others. Some super duper chickies, out there in Blogger Land.


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