Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday pics - Dragonfly

Isn't he amazingly beautiful? I'd never seen these guys before but this year they've been everywhere. my son was lucky enough to have one land on him and snapped a piccie.

Meanwhile, I've been at my new job (at a land survey company) over a month now and am still trying to adjust to my new schedule (read: manage my time better!). I'm also working hard on my edits for West of Paradise (I know it isn't published yet so I suppose technically I shouldn't italicize it, but... the hell with it, I'm going to anyway), my revisions for THE UNSOLVED CASE OF KASSANDRA DYER, and trying to find my next project. I have a few options and I'm currently exploring them. We'll see what happens. Sometimes these things turn into something, other times they fizzle out. Either way, I'll keep you posted. 

Oh, and I signed up for this:

 the armchair squid's "Cephalopod Coffeehouse, an online gathering of bloggers who love books." Interested? Click on the pic and sign up :)

What about you? Signed up for any fests? Working hard on something? Taking some well-earned time off?


  1. What a great shot of that dragonfly!

  2. Awwww to have a dragonfly land on you is BRILLIANT!!!! Great pic!!

    GOOD LUCK with your new job!!!! Great news! Take care

  3. Awesome pic of the dragonfly. And it's hard to adjust to a new job plus get ready for your book to be published. Sounds like you're doing a good job juggling it all.

  4. I will be published - italicize away!
    Very cool he landed on your hand.
    And glad the job is going well. Hope you find your balance.

  5. A beautiful predator but a lot of times prey!

  6. looks like little chopper :)

  7. On a kayaking trip this summer, I had a dragonfly hitch a ride down the river with me. Another one rode on my head, but no one was able to get a picture of him.

  8. I still have my grand baby. So I've discovered how to work on my novel with my iPhone. And I've been looking at stock photos for another story I've written.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. What a cute dragonfly. Signed up for the club too.

  10. Great picture!
    There's always an interesting blogfest/bloghop just waiting to be discovered...
    New job? Hope you settle in soon.
    Writer In Transit

  11. Dragonflies are awesome. I had to snap a bunch of photos to capture one a few weeks ago [on camera]. I love how they sparkle in different colors.

  12. We have dragonflies around our pool all the time. I'm digging into my newest project tomorrow.

  13. Busy you! Especially with a new job. I'm always working on way too much at one time. I say I hate to multi-task, but I swear I get more done when I have too much going on.

  14. Good luck with the new job!

    The dragonfly didn't bite him, did it? Actually, I'm not sure they bite. Maybe they sting. ????

  15. Oops. I didn't realize italicized meant published. I've been doing the same thing, so let's just keep doing it, and call it "putting positive intentions out into the world" :)

    I LOVE the dragonfly pic. Love even more that he stopped and posed for you.

  16. Italicized or not, you're THERE!
    Love dragonflies, preying mantis, and the large red wasps that take out spiders. I stop to watch them every chance I get.

    Congrats on the new job. its always tough being the newbie on the block.

  17. Hi, Marcy,

    I LOVE dragonflies... They are heavily featured in my first book..

    Congrats on the job and all your writing endeavors... This accident has really kept me out of the loop...

    Tomorrow my cast comes off. Still need two more weeks in a splint and then pt.. but this nightmare is half over....

  18. i love dragonflies. used to run around the backyard trying to catch them when i was younger.

  19. Hope things settle soon and you get use to your new schedule. I can't believe over a month has passed already. Goes too fast.

    Great photo.


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