Friday, August 7, 2015

While Walking

I’m one of those people who’s always thinking about something, be it my stories, the things I have to do that day, or random stuff that makes me launch into a silent monolog on the subject. Suffice it to say, my mind is always spinning, making me a poor candidate for meditation. Anyway. The other day I was walking and thinking sadly about my boss’s dog, Sam, who had collapsed at work and was rushed to the vet where it was discovered he had a tumor next to his heart that had burst. Nothing to be done. It was especially sad since Sam was such an awesome dog, greeting everyone who came into the shop, following people around who patted him, or just sitting next to a shopper with his head in their lap while they raved about what a great dog he was and were we sure he wasn’t for sale? This led to my thoughts about Heaven and how I hope it is and I thought I’d share that hope with you.

First off, all my critters are there, from my first Tigger cat to my old Jasper cat, along with all my dogs. And they will all live happily together. Second, everyone I love is there.  My dad will be there (no doubt thrilled to be reunited with his favorite cat, Matthew), and my grandmother, Mimi, whom I still miss. Sisters, brothers, moms (I’m lucky; I have two!), and anyone else who wants to live in the heaven I created.

We will all live near enough to walk to one another’s homes, but there will be fields and stone walls and dirt roads between us. There will be a library nearby where I can always get the latest books published back in the world of the living, a movie theatre with couches and extra comfy pillows, and a train station so we can go visit any place we like. There will be a Heavenly Boston, a Heavenly San Francisco, and an extra Heavenly London – all the cities we know, and only a train ride away through country side and valleys and over bridges until we’re ready to get off the train and arrive at our destination. And of course there will people there, because some people would want their Heaven to look like Tokyo, or Istanbul.

Me, I’ll be happy with my country house where meals magically appear on my table whenever I don’t feel like cooking, there is always time to read books, watch movies, play scrabble with my mom, take walks with the dogs down to the ocean, and write something divine.

What does your Heaven look like?

I think I would like a trellis like this to sit beneath.


  1. I believe our pets will be there as well. I know they don't have souls, but God knows how much they mean to us and would keep them safe in Heaven until we arrive.
    I'm not sure I can even begin to imagine it. No pain. No anger. Only joy and love. And knowing God completely. It will be mind blowing.

  2. Don't know. But I do think about that song...

    If there's a rock 'n' roll heaven, you know they've got a helluva band.

  3. I often dream about my last dog. I'd like to see him again. He was a good one. :)

  4. Lots of interesting book reviews. I'm in a brief going back to the classics phase right now instead of my usual history/biography obsession but am slowly coming round to trying young adult books. Who know maybe an old dog can learn new tricks....:)

  5. If the animals who have taken a piece of me with them when they left couldn't be there it wouldn't be heaven. It couldn't be.

  6. My mind goes constantly, too. Which is why meditation is a good thing for us. It gives the inner voice time to rest. Our brains need rest, too.

  7. Oh YES, I'll steal your idea--I'd loooove it if meals would magically appear on the table when I didn't feel like cooking (or when I didn't have time to cook). I love the library idea too. I second Alex on the awesomeness that heaven will be free of pain and anger, and how great it is that God will be there (cuz He's awesome).

  8. I imagine Heaven to be a place where all the things we now consider to be unknowable become knowable, and we finally understand the meaning of life and our places in the universe. Pure love. No pain. No cruelty. And of course... all our loved ones, including the four-legged furry ones.

  9. That was a great post. Though, the dog losing his life made me sad. Were there any early signs? Terrible.

    When we get there, I share some of my bakes with you. Whatever kind you fancy.

    Two moms? You are lucky. I still miss my Mamam (Gram) as well. But I have all her bowls, so in a way, I get to bake with her, each day.

  10. That's a real nice picture of heaven!


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