Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Pawn Shop

As some of you may recall, I work at a pawn shop. A lot of people come into our shop and ask what that means. What IS a pawn shop? How does it work? Basically, a pawn shop is where you go with an item of value to get a loan on it. Let's say you have a tool of some sort and the current market value is $100. We would loan about $40 max (because if you don't come back for your item we have to try to sell it for a profit) and the end of 31 days you come back with $48 and get your item back. Or you can pay the monthly interest of $8 and carry it over for another month. If you're smart, you'll get your item out right away. If you don't, you'll eventually pay more than your item is worth.

The shop I work at is called Mainely Pawn & Antiques, because we don't just do pawns. We also buy and sell antiques and vintage items. And yes, we get a ton of extremely cool items in, as evidenced by the photos that follow...

Insulators in the foreground. The Amber one is my fave.
Yup, that's me :)
Vintage Gaming Stuff
Oh, yeah, we have baseball cards
Love these old clocks
Need a locker?
In the mirror you can see the ass end of our mascot, Brody, an Australian Labradoodle. He's the most mellow dog
And Toys!!!

As you can imagine, it's a pretty fun place to work at. In other news I have not watched anything since the last time we spoke, I'm almost done with the third book in the Shades of Magic Series, and a new character has made himself known to me in my WIP.*

So. What's new in your world?

* It's like, hey, by the way, I'm barging into this story and no, I can't see the snow on the mountains because I'm blind so you're going to have to make some adjustments in the way you describe things. Oh, and the name is Edward, Margrave of Sontheim.


  1. Those are some old games. And it all looked familiar.
    I'm sure that's not your mascot's best side.
    Have fun working with Edward.

    1. Yup. I found some games I used to play, including one of my faves: Bubble Bobble :)

  2. Do you watch Pawn Stars on TV?

    1. I do not. I've heard they overestimate values, just to make it exciting.

  3. Just baseball cards, or other sports, too?

    That looks like an interesting place to work. And I had to have the whole pawn shop thing explained to me once upon a time before I understood what it was.

    1. All sports cards, and other kinds, too like Magic, Star Wars, Batman...

  4. All that beautiful glassware! And who doesn't need a locker?


  5. Oooh. Do you get staff discounts? If I worked there I would succumb. Often.
    I hope Edward plays nicely with you. Any character who brings himself/herself to your attention is probably not MilqueToast.

    1. I do get good prices, and I do succumb.

  6. Everybody can find something thrilling there!

    1. That's what makes it a fun place :)

  7. Looks like an interesting place to dig around.

    Sage (

  8. Cool! I totally understand characters barging in. I'm revisiting early stories and having fun polishing yet again the series I have been withholding from the world for fear of haters. ~shakes head~ I prefer privately hoarding my love child over the potential hard earned cash. Happy Writing!

  9. It must be an interesting place to work.
    I'd love to dig around there. I guess I just like old stuff better than new. I should pawn all the old stuff I have just to be rid of it.

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