Friday, December 30, 2011

scene of the crime

Ok, not exactly, but this is where my main character goes hiking with her family in my new WIP. This is also one of many pictures I have regarding this particular work. I don't ordinarily rely on too many visuals, probably because everything else I've written has been more firmly planted in the realm of fantasy. But for this story I needed to have real pictures of the places in my story, places like the Starlite Motel and the Sunset Rest Area. GoogleEarth has lots of pictures, maps - everything I needed to plan my mc's trip. She has a long journey ahead of her.

I'm having fun with my new story  :)

Do you use pictures as a tool?

ps got the new vacuum and neither my son or I could wait to use it. He did downstairs, I did up and now my house is clean : )


  1. I wonder how long before your son's enthusiasm wears off?
    I do use some visuals, although like yours, my book's setting are made up. A mixture of paintings and real photos helps me, although I think I rely more on music than anything else.

  2. Oh hoorraaah for the vacuum cleaner! LOL!

    And yay for enjoying your journey with your new wip!

    I use a collage of faces I see for my characters! Take care

  3. Yay for the vacuum! I'll bet your son's enthusiasm wanes pretty darn soon though, LOL.

    I use pictures quite extensively. Initially, I need something to visualize the scene/character/house. When my MC required an ancient castle door, I had photos of medieval castles plastered all over my workstation. I got into the construction of the door, the materials, and its age and spent a lot of time researching something that was only a couple paragraphs long. But it was necessary.

  4. I use piccies as a prompt for imagination. One of my WIP's characters is based largely on an idea that came from looking at one particular image.

  5. My daughters would run for the hills at the sight of a new vacuum.

    Of course, if it's a high tech vacuum with fancy gizmos, I can see where your son might get into it.

    Daughters would still run, though. Gizmos or no gizmos, it's still cleaning ...

  6. I think that's a great idea! Also, if you are still on a new vacuum high... plenty of work to do over here!

  7. Alex, I wish I could listen to music but most times it's too distracting. And I hope my son's enthusiasm never wanes - but we'll see :)

    Old Kitty, yes, I've been looking for faces, too though they are harder to find.

    Huntress, sometimes I can get lost in the 'research.' I have to be careful not to waste too much looking for the perfect whatever rather than writing!

    Al, I can relate. As you know it was YOUR pic that inspired my current work :)

    Dianne, if you only knew how awful our other vacuum was you would understand what a pleasure it is to use the new one. it isn't very fancy. But it sucks! A lot!

    Pat, lol. thanks for the offer :)

  8. I have to say, I love my vacuum--it's a shark. And I love the picture of the houseplant overlooking the frozen tundra! I love popping over here to see a new beautiful photo!! :)

  9. thank you Heather :) I like to change it up every so often though I think that winter one will be here for a bit.

  10. I'm no writer...I don't have the patience for it. Um-mmm, if I purchase a new vacuum, would the two of you come over to my house?

  11. What did you name your vacuum?

  12. I for sure use photos in my writing. I have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling. I take photos everywhere we go, just incase an idea springs up. I've written a fake folktale based on a trip I took to Costa Rica.

    Have a Happy New Year's Eve!

  13. Lost, ha, ha. WE don't love cleaning THAT much :)

    Happy, name my vacuum? I'm afraid the only thing that get's named in my house is pets, and the characters in my story - but if I was going to name it it I might call it Bertha cuz I figure someone named Bertha must be good at cleaning.

    Sharon, I love being able to travel and take pics. I just wish I could do it more. Soon, though, soon...

  14. I do. Not really because I need them to know what my characters look like, but rather because in deciding which pictures fit, I have to compare it to the sense/look I have in mind.

    Because of that, the comparison settles in my mind what I know about my characters and helps me to discover things about them.

    I also use the creation of character soundtracks in the same way.


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  16. I think using photos is a great idea. Glad you got your vacuum. I have central vac and love that. And I am definitely NOT looking forward to the next few months. I hate being cold. When I retire, I'm moving to Florida.
    Hope the WIP works out for you. Blessings always, Marcy, B

  17. There are several things I'm wishing I had pictures of for my book, but I rarely use pictures outside of that. It might help with some setting questions I'm working through, though.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse gearing up for the upcoming 2012 A to Z Challenge!


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