Friday, November 25, 2011

the starlite motel

Last night I was looking up locations for my new toy using google earth, which is one of many tools I make use of when writing. Among the places and pictures I made note of was this one for the Starlite Motel. And the second I saw it I knew I had to put it in the story. Luckily, this wasn't hard to do. I happened to need a place for certain people to live for a while and this was perfect, far better than a seedy apartment building. Don't you think?


  1. I've heard Google Earth is an awesome resource for writers. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the reminder.

    And yes, it's definitely seedy.

  2. Is google earth as good as people say it is? I have to check it out myself! :) Thanks for the award, i proudly posted it on my home page.:)

  3. I can believe they have a vacancy. A kitchenette AND a jacuzzi in one room!?! :P

    LOVE Google Earth.

  4. Starlite Motel with jacuzzi!! Brilliant!! Take care

  5. Ah, the old Starlight Motel. I remember it well. When I was a kid, those diving figures always fascinated me.

    Great idea for how to use internet tools for your writing.

  6. WOW! I haven't used that app yet. How very cool! And I'm dig'n the motel vibe. Great resource. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Can't wait to read about the Starlite Hotel in your new story!

    Google Earth is how my husband tracked down the actual location of the caged graves in Catawissa after I saw a picture of one on the internet. The article didn't contain many clues, but he zeroed in on Catawissa until he found what looked like a small cemetery in the right spot -- and that's how we tracked it down!

  8. love that photo, conjures up all kinds of story possibilities!

  9. I missed it. What is your new toy?

  10. Happy, I haven't shared much about it but I actually *gulp* outlined it and answered a million questions about my characters before I ever wrote anything else. And I'm still researching, obviously :)

    It's contemporary.

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