Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday pics

Ocean Point in Boothbay 


  1. Awesome picture. I'd love to live near somewhere like that.

  2. Your world is so different than mine. I am surrounded by fields, pasture and crop. The sun rises from the rolling hills and sets the same.

    Water? Ha. Nada. Well, there is that 2 acre pond south of us. And our creeks are running pretty good.
    Have a great Sunday. Love your pics.

  3. it's another stunner from the son. I love capturing the light as it changes but he does it so much better plus he gets other interesting views. Which is why more and more of the pics I post are his. He's got a better eye.

  4. Another beautiful one, thank you!

  5. Fantastic, but when will we see more of your pictures? You do quite well, yourself.

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