Sunday, September 19, 2010

Damariscove Island

The last two summers my son and his girlfriend have been fortunate enough to be caretakers of Damariscove Island, which is part bird sanctuary, and part nature walk. The lobstermen use its small harbor, and a number of private boats dock throughout the season, including the owners of the de-commissioned coastguard station. It’s about a 40 minute boat ride from Boothbay Harbor. Saturday I had the opportunity to go on a bird walk and although I did hesitate (thinking how much writing I wouldn’t get done if I spent an entire day out on some island), good sense won out and I signed up for the walk. And holy shite am I glad I did! It was a gorgeous late summer day, perfectly sunny with ‘light and variable winds’ and temps around 70 degrees. Who the heck wouldn’t want to go on a boat ride and a bird walk on an island?

leaving Boothbay Harbor
a church

I wouldn't mind if this was my summer house, you?

                                                                           Inner Heron Island, I think

the coastguard station - privately owned. A week or two here in July would be nice.

the caretakers cottage (is it cute or what?)

butterfly and goldenrod 

 purple asters; they were everywhere, growing in between the rocks along the shore, in the old foundations, and wild along the paths in thick ,showy clusters, like this.

the surf was amazing

a raft of eiders (hey, don't laugh; that's what they call it - probably because it floats)

my son and the view behind him toward the Pumpkin Ledges. You can see what an absolutely beautiful day it was. After going on the bird walk in the morning we had a picnic lunch on Bar Cove Beach and then my son gave me a personal tour to the tower and then down to Flat Ledge on the west side (not shown) and back to the docks.


  1. I am soooo jealous. The pictures look amazing. I love the caretaker's cottage. Was it one big room or more than one room? It looks really small. Is that where your son and his girlfriend stayed? And the Coast Guard station, wow. My husband was in the Coast Guard. He would have loved to tour that. You made the right choice. It was a beautiful day to enjoy with your family. Very cool.

  2. The pics are beautiful. How can you not write after a venture like that? LOL.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful day and a beautiful place! Gorgeous pictures!

    I totally understand the reluctance to give up a day of writing. (I can be obssessive.) But if mental and physical health and socialization aren't enough to commend a day like this, you can always justify it as research for a future book. ;)

  4. Beautiful pictures. Now I wanna go there. :-)

  5. Buffy, the caretakers cottage is basically one room below, a loft above. I have to say, I do not in any way regret going. The weather was perfect and how can you go wrong on an island? And I did actually think of a story, a la Agatha Christy. Too bad I'm not a mystery writer. It might have been fun :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous from my point of view.
    To be selfish- thank you for taking the time off of writing to send these images out for a New England thirsty girl-sister.

  7. LOVELY! That church on the water is stunning. And, yes, that caretakers cottage is adorable, charming.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :)



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