Wednesday, September 22, 2010

top ten tv shows

First let me tell you that I could easily spend hours and hours in front of the television, mesmerized by other people's fictional lives. Sometimes I even imagine laying like a sloth on my couch and watching repeats of Criminal Minds all day. But, as I mentioned a while back, something happened to me last summer that focused my attention on writing more than anything else. For example, I was going to watch The Event on Monday but I just couldn't tear myself away from my computer.

That said, here are my top ten tv shows of all time*:

1. Battlestar Galactica (new) - scifi doesn't get any better than this and this really is my most favorite show of all time. It's got great acting, great characters, great special effects, and an enemy that...oh, but wait, that would be telling.
2. Lost - ok, I didn't love the ending, but only because I had already thought of it and was hoping they were going to surprise me. But I loved everything else about this show and I don't think I missed a single night.
3. X-Files - definitely an all time favorite - the smoking man, the three geeks, the conspiracies, loved it.
4. Six Feet Under - I've never in all my life become so attached to fictional characters that I actually almost cried at the last episode. This was a brilliant show imho.
5.  Rome - history at its best (down and dirty, brutal, and full frontal nudity) if not its most accurate.
6. Carnivale - imagine you've been transported back to the depression era and you're part of a traveling carnival - except all the tricks and magick is real. Clancy Brown plays the malevolent Brother Justin Crowe countered by Nick Stahl as Ben Hawkins. I only wish it had lasted more than 2 seasons; it felt like it was cut short.
7. Twin Peaks - David Lynch at his best. Donut anyone?
8. Stargate/SG1 - Ok, I know, at times it was cheesy and the aliens were all humanoid (how likely is that?) but c'mon, it was fun and some of the shows where they played with time were the best.
9. 24 - I'll admit I did not watch all 7 seasons but those I did watch were absolutely riveting and I am so glad I was able to watch the dvds because I would've screamed if I'd had to wait a whole week between episodes. Talk about upping the ante!
10. Robin of Sherwood - Starring the delicious Michael Praed as Robin Hood. According to Wikepedia: "Unlike previous adaptations of the Robin Hood legend, Robin of Sherwood  combined a gritty, authentic production design with elements of real-life history and pagan myth."

*You'll notice I only included shows that are over - there are many others currently playing I enjoy - Fringe and Caprica being my top two picks - but since they're not over I can't really say how good they are. It would be like reviewing a book I haven't finished. And these are just the top ten that came to mind; there's a lot of shows I didn't include nor did I include cartoons (like Dr. Snuggles, Danger Mouse, Ren and Stimpy, The Simpsons) because I feel they deserve their own top ten.

A big thank you for this post; it was fun!

So now it's your turn. What are your top ten tv shows?


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