Saturday, October 9, 2010

top ten carry on items

No matter where I go:

1. My favorite outfit – whatever that might be at the moment, but probably a pair of jeans and either a cozy sweater, a button down blouse, or t-shirt so faded and thin it’s like a second skin.
2. A garlic press – because 75% of everything can be improved with garlic.
3. Hope – because without hope most of us would give up.
4. A toothbrush/floss – because if I had to choose I’d rather brush my teeth than shower.
5. Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers – I think this one is pretty obvious
6. A good book – in case I get stuck someone
7. An imagination – if all else fails, fall to daydreaming
8. Curiosity – so I won’t get bored
9. A sense of humour – because shit is going to happen and it’s better to find some humour in it rather than whine and cry about it (Not that I don’t do my fair share of whining and crying – trust me; I do. But sometimes you just have to laugh at the utter stupidity of your fellow human beings).

10. I’m going to hold off on this one until I hear your list…


  1. delicious and healthy snack
    pen and paper (just in case I think of something)
    craft project (to keep these restless hands moving)
    excellent book (for the long attention)
    New Yorker Magazine (for the short attention)
    socks (it is cold on those flights)
    natural and yummy smelling hand sanitizer
    small bottle toiletries
    Child distraction (simple and beautiful toy for the bored child-mine or someone else's)

  2. I tried to comment earlier but I think it disappeared on me.

    1. One complete change of clothes (because the one time you don't, that's when they'll lose your luggage)
    2. Contact lens goo
    3. Water
    4. Good book
    5. Droid phone with Kindle app(in case the book is not that good)
    6. Paper and pencil (never know when I'll need to write)
    7. Gum
    8. Huggy pillow (because airplanes make me nervous)
    9. mild sedative (see above)
    10. Husband

  3. The New Yorker and a sedative both sound like good ideas...alto I don't really mind flying - especially if I'm going somewhere fun:)


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