Saturday, November 6, 2010

am I a pantster?

I'll have to admit - sometimes I don't know exactly how it ends. Like with this, Grimoire. It was originally slated to be a straight regency romance with maybe a little gothic flare. It got put away and resurrected and evolved into what it is now, a YA witchy regency romance. The only thing I really knew was that it would end well for Arlen. But I didn't know how. And even as we speak I am about to embark on chapter 48, which has Hugh relaying some piece of information I am not yet privy to. Funny now that I think about it. I am fairly organized in real life, not exactly the most spontaneous person in the world but when I write all those rules go out the window and come back remade.

ok then, I'm off the write chapter 48. Enjoy your saturday! It is dismal and dreary here. Very Novemberish.


  1. I love when you write about Grimoire. a YA regency witch romance... that sounds EXACTLY like the sort of book I'm going to flip out over!

    I usually know how my stories will end, but I'm definitely surprised when I reach the end and discover that my thoughts were only little wisps that grow into SO much more once the words are on the page. Funny, this whole writing journey - always filled with surprises, isn't it?

  2. LOL -- we've had this conversation!

    What's the fun of knowing everything that will happen before it does?

    For my next project, I am going to have to do a little outlining before venturing too far into it.

    But you won't catch me promising to *follow* the outline ... :D

  3. I agree. That's the fun part. An outline is only a guide anyway. And thankfully, not written in stone. LOL.

  4. That's the funny thing, Marisa, I don't mind the surprises - in fact, I welcome them. Glad you like my Grimoire posts :)

    Dianne, I often start with an outline of the beginning while knowing the end. It's the middle that's often an unknown when I start.

    A. Arroyo, so true!


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