Sunday, November 7, 2010

amazing what your characters can do (and yes, I'm feeling very chatty these last few days strangely – maybe something to do with nearing the end?)

It’s still dismal and dreary here, trees all naked, sky slate grey, a million leaves covering the ground. Cold, too, but I went for a short walk anyway with the dog. And I was thinking how amazing it is what a good character can do. You might not know it in the early stages when the two of you are first getting to know one another, or in my case, when he first pops into existence - Summoned.

I'm thinking of Vathek, my little imp I introduced about a hundred pages into Grimoire. I thought it was Hugh who gives Arlen information but I figured out it is actually Vathek, which makes much more sense. And I realize this is not the first time one of my characters has determined the correct course and how best to proceed with the story. If I’ve drawn them well enough they can practically write the story themselves – if I listen.

Do your characters speak to you? When you read a story do the characters within tell you more than what’s written?


  1. They speak, I listen, and sometimes, to the consternation of family, I answer aloud.

    I have been known to argue even but that's between you and me.
    **rolls eyes**

  2. Haha, I'm with Huntress - I listen, sometimes answer back, family thinks I'm nuts... these voices in my head are making me appear very much insane!! But so great to listen to, especially as they seem to know my stories more than I do.

  3. Huntress and Marisa -- Clearly you need to adopt my strategy: talk to your characters in the shower.

    If somebody does hear you over the sound of running water, you can pretend you were singing. :D

  4. Ah, yes. We have conversations all the time. And sometimes they really make me angry because they don't always do what I think they should do. They go off in another direction or get themselves into more trouble. Dang kids. It's a wonder I get these books written! (Smiles)

  5. Oh yes. And if I don't listen the first time to their wonderful and obvious ideas, they'll smack me in the head. Great post.


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