Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Did I ever mention I love Star Trek?

Actually, I love scifi period.

Yes, Fantasy is my first love, but scifi runs a close second. I read all the Foundation books, I loved Whipping Star, and Vernor Vinge is one of my favorite authors. I also fell in love with Star Trek pretty much from the start – thanks to my dad. And if you ask me why I’ll tell you. It’s the same reason I love certain books. Characters. Star Trek has great characters.

Let’s take two, starting with the original Star Trek with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Yes, Capt. Kirk was entirely too full of himself but who else but William Shatner could’ve played him so perfectly? And Nimoy is just as perfect as the emotionless Vulcan – until it comes to mating time (one of my favorite episodes). I adored how logical his bride to be was. Ok, so maybe there were a few silly episodes, like The Trouble with Tribbles (but it was fun!), or Mudd’s Women, but there were some great ones like The Menagerie with Capt. Pike or The City on the Edge of Forever, where they go back in time and Kirk has to let a young Joan Collins walk into traffic. Brilliant AND tragic.
What about you? Love Star Trek? Or Hate it.

Meanwhile, I’m totally slacking on revisions, the rain has washed all our snow away, and the Yankees lost Cliff Lee to Philly. Yee Ha!


  1. I love Star Trek but ONLY the original. Can't stand any of the others. Spock is my favorite of all time. I have a blog coming up about him - sort of. Also, I love the silly episodes.

    Hope you get back to your revisions. Why are you not doing them?

  2. I was a fan of the original Star Trek and was really pleased with the movie that came out a couple years back. Spock and Kirk are just... timeless.

  3. Hi mshatch: 24 chapters to write or 24 to edit and rewrite? Either way, how fantastic. Looking forward to reading about your progress. As for me, I'm goofing around today - and you know what? I like it.

  4. I grew up watching the original, like the Next Generation, but didn't really get into any of the other ones.

  5. Jen, love Kirk and Spock - even better, Kirk as the Priceline negotiator - too funny.

    Happy, 24 to revise; the novel's finished.

    Patti, I did like Deep Space Nine and Voyager with Seven of Nine - she was the coolest smokin' hot borg/human ever.

  6. Love the original Star Trek! You're right. It's the characters. One of the channels used to have a weekend line-up of sci-fi/fantasy that I got into as well. Some of the shows were laughable to people, but I loved my Saturdays and the characters were what drew me in!

  7. I used to watch Star Trek after school. I loved it, too. I also loved The Twilight Zone. My youngest son loves this show and last year we bought him the complete series for Christmas.

  8. Love it. The original. Captain Kirk was my first crush.


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