Thursday, December 16, 2010

Speaking of scifi

Here’s my list of scyfy’s best and worst shows:

1. Eureka: I want to live in this town

2. Star Gate w/ MacGyver, I mean Richard Dean Anderson ;) and yes, I know it was silly at times and the aliens were all too often humanoid, but it was good clean fun, wasn’t it?

3. Stargate Atlantis, which managed to grow on me a little. Col. Shepherd wasn’t too hard on the eyes either.

4. Battlestar Galactica, it goes without saying this is the epitome of first rate scifi and I have yet to see anything better – and I’m including the movies in my assessment.

5. Caprica, I’m liking it so far but where’s it been lately?

6. Sanctuary, I wanted to like it, I really did.

7. Haven, ditto

8. Warehouse 13, ok, it can be juvenile but like Atlantis, it’s grown on me and I have to admit I can’t wait for next season. Plus I really like Claudia. If I could be a girl on a show that'd be it.

9. The Dresden Files, scifi blew it when they didn’t renew this series.

10. Movie of the week, whatever it is you can be assured it will be very much like the Saturday afternoon creature features of yesteryear only with slightly better special effects and probably that other Baldwin brother will be in it, or maybe someone you’ll recognize from a soap opera you used to watch.

Now if only there was a Fantasy channel.


  1. Never watched Eureka. Hm-hum...probably should have. I loved Stargate with MacGyver! Oh yeah.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Sci Fi blew it with Dresden, I'll agree to that...but not nearly as bad as they did with Firefly a few years back. Expatriate cowboys in space--a great concept, especially for a girl who grew up on Westerns.

    It too, was sometimes silly; but it had a great cast of characters that you could not help but really care about. I purchased the post cancellation movie "Serenity" and one-season series on DVD and each time I watch them I never fail to be amazed that it is still not a treasured part of Sci Fi's regular lineup. Of course, then Natan Fillion wouldn't be available to be Castle, and that would be a shame too.

  3. Teresa, completely agree with you about Firefly. I loved that show and was very disappointed when it ended too soon.

  4. We've been grooving on Eureka on Netflix instants. Great show. So funny too.

    Happy Friday, ms. Hope you have a good one. I'm working today and tomorrow but then Sunday, I get to be home with Tim. These days, we don't get a lot of days off together, so I'm excited.

    Happy Watching.

  5. I loved Eureka.

    Yeah! Why isn't there a Fantasy channel??

    Happy Weekend. :)

  6. I'd be terrified to live in Eureka! But I did love Stargate....


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