Tuesday, January 25, 2011

first paragraph contest

 Nathan Bransford is holding this contest and although I did waffle a bit I posted an entry. The Grand Prize is a copy of Nathan's book and a partial of your manuscript read by agent Catherine Drayton of Inkwell. Runners up get a query critique from Mr. Nathan himself.

oh, and I posted the first paragraph of namesake in case you're wondering.

also, is anyone else watching Being Human on scifi? I caught the first two episodes and it could possibly be worth watching. I was glad they killed off the annoying girl.


  1. Hmmm... I might enter. I've been working on a first paragraph for a while and it might be interesting to see how it fares. We'll see.

    I started watching 'Being Human' on SciFi (SyFy??) but stopped watching...the BBC version was so much better that this was a cheap knock off of it. You should really see the original if you liked this one at all.

  2. I entered, too! I don't hope to win, but I thought this should be the year of putting myself out there, and if that means adding my paragraph to the pile, why not? :)

    Excellent prizes! Good luck to you!

  3. D: I'll have to check out the Brit version; maybe it's on netflix.
    M: that's exactly what I said. why not? Good luck to you, too :)

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