Friday, April 29, 2011

y is for Yeth Hounds

Those of you who played Dungeons and Dragons may be familiar with these creatures. For those who are not, I give you this excerpt from The God Chronicles:

In the rocky recesses of a cave above the trail two Yeth hounds came awake suddenly, rising from their great haunches in one fluid motion. They yawned, revealing long rows of sharp fangs. Smoky green eyes blinked in the dim light, then focused on the entrance to the den a few yards away. They sniffed, raising their noses to the ceiling before moving toward the opening, peering out, and sniffing again.

They padded out together into the afternoon light, the sun casting their short fur in tawny shades that matched the sparse grass. Huge paws crushed leaves to dust while their eyes scanned along the line of seedlings and flowers that grew along the ridge. They approached the incline and crouched down at its edge.

From that vantage point they had a clear view of the trail below. The odor of their prey wafted up on the afternoon’s breeze. Saliva formed at the corners of their jowls, dripping down in long clear strands and they glanced at one another briefly. Then they turned their gaze back to the trail below, waiting.


  1. Yay for yeth hounds although I wouldn;t want to meet one in the dark!

    I'd like to think of them as big bear doggies! LOL! take care

  2. Yay a great Y post. My brother is a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan and even invented a character that won a competition in the 1970's :O)

  3. I'm SO in the dark when it comes to D &D.
    My brother was into a lot of stuff, but this never made the list.
    And only ONE MORE POST in A to Z challenge!


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