Saturday, April 30, 2011

z is for zizi

holy cow can you believe it? this is my last a-z post. I'm actually feeling a bit pleased with myself for finishing. And I planned ahead rather than winged it. That helped - alot. Anyway, in The God Chronicles, specifically Chios, zizi is a fermented liquor often served at celebrations and festivals. Here is an excerpt:

"Outside Susianna could hear the sounds of the celbration drifting in from the plaza. They were happy sounds, joyous sounds. She wished she could feel the same.

The Priestess reached out and she allowed herself to be led out along the avenue to the temple. The scent of night blooming jasmine perfumed the air, mingling with the odor of fried tamarans and zizi, a fermented liquor favored at festivals. Torches had been set into the ground, illuminating the flagstones and casting wavering shadows over the albizia and jasmine that grew along either side of the avenue.
Susianna moved like a ghost, barely noticing her surroundings and finding the entire ordeal taking on a dreamlike hue. The noise of the celebration seemed to reach a crescendo at her approach but even as she mounted the steps to the temple it was like no more than the buzzing of a bee or a chufĂ©ra. She turned to face the roaring crowd, which fell silent at a gesture from the Priestess.

“Who will take this woman in the name of the Goddess?”


  1. Well done you for finishing the challenge!!! And yay for zizi!!! Cheers! Take care

  2. Yeah for zizi. And congrats for finishing the A to Z. Well done!

  3. Fun word. And loved the writing. =D

  4. Marcy, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!


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