Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the key to peace

I heard somewhere the key to peace is to not be attached to the outcome. I haven't quite mastered it yet, but I'm working on it. I'm also revising happily - it's amazing how ones attitude can change sans computer - and trying to employ what I learned. Like, get outside more. Winter will be here soon enough and I can hunker down then but for now the sun is shining, it's summer, it's warm, and I am determined to get some color in my cheeks and stick my toes in the sand. 

what are doing this summer?


  1. Yay for going out and about and enjoying hazy summer days!!!

    Summer for me means birthdays and holidays so I'm definitely taking things even slower than I normally do!! Take care

  2. Totally agree with getting outside more. Summers are way too short.

  3. Peace and happiness are the journey not the destination.

  4. Sans computer... hmmm... interesting concept. I'll be forced to try it next when I take a group of teens girls from church on a retreat in which they have been asked to take no electronic devices. I suppose that means I too will have to go sans computer. I hope I don't die. :)

    Love the pic.

  5. I'm hunkering in for winter here in Oz. It's been mighty cold!!!


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