Friday, June 10, 2011


I've sent a bunch of queries out and I'm currently revising The Way to Dendara with Dianne's help. Computer trouble last night: "unmountable boot volume." Don't you just love these messages? They're so...unhelpful comes to mind. I had to call my brother to help me figure out what to do which led me to a search for my original windows xp cd and I was 54% complete with "performing additional checking or recovery" when I heard the distant sound of thunder. You might think to yourself, so what, but I've lost 2 computers (yes, 2!!!) to lightning so I unplugged. Which means I have to wait til I get home tonight to try again and find out whether all is lost or no.

I admit I'm a little worried. I was bad. I haven't backed up recently.



  1. Oh no!! I hate pc problems - especially when I can't understand what the problem is!! I have everything crossed that your pc and your ms are safe and sound!!! Take care

  2. Ooh...I hope it's all right. I'm really glad you've got Dianne helping with that story. I know so much about it; can't wait until it's finished.

    I don't blame you for unplugging during the storm. Yeah, we've lost electronics that way.

  3. Oh, no. I hope everything turns out okay. Good luck with the querying!

  4. Oh my. We have two computers in suspended animation right now. One I could care less about--it's the old sucker that the kids play games on. The other. Ahhh. Four years of photos. All my writing stuff is safe, and I had recently backed up the photos. But still. I'd like that computer to be okay. We're going to have someone look at it soon. It's a stressful, stressful thing. I hope yours just has a small glitch! I'll have my fingers crossed!

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