Thursday, June 9, 2011

the rules

I have mentioned the rules before but I think they're worth mentioning again, along with the fact that they are not mine. I saw them on another blog and wrote them down and taped them to my computer where I can see them. They are as follows:

*Put emphatic words at the end of the sentence -
*Use the active voice -
*Place statements in positive form, as in; she liked coffee vs she didn't like coffee -
*Use definite, concrete, specific language -
*Omit unnecessary words -
*Write in paragraphs; start a new one when introducing a new person, place, or time -

I like these because they're simple and easy to follow. What rules do you find helpful?


  1. I do like the "omit unnecessary words". It's taken me a long time to get the hang of this! I always return to my very early written stories just to remind me to never revert to such a crime again! LOL!!!

    I always like the "read widely and constantly" rule! Take care

  2. I also like the advice: Leave out the boring bits. :)

  3. I like simple advice like this. 'Just write' works for me, but then you have to think of all that other stuff on the second read through. :)

  4. Omit unnecessary words is what I'm working on right now.

  5. For me, rules don't matter as much as just sitting ass to chair, and writing a good adventure.

    I see too many newbs get caught in the rules of writing. The rules, the rules, the rules.

    Tell a good story. Even better, enjoy telling a good story.

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