Thursday, June 16, 2011

so here's what I've been doing...

...besides waiting impatiently for my computer to be returned to me sans old hard drive. It will be like having it new again, empty, waiting for me to fill it up again with my last save and whatever else I can salvage.

oh, children, let this be a lesson. let this be my sacrifice for you so that you will all remember to back up often! If anything is rule #1, that is it.

Anyway, yesterday was nice for a change, weatherwise, actually seasonal with sun and warm and a hint of summer in the air. There was a moon last night, big and round, I tried to take its picture but no luck. I couldn't quite capture the beauty of it, the way it sat behind the leaves and limbs, the perfect pale amber color of it. If I had a different camera...

Meanwhile, I wrote a little - by hand, in a notebook, the old fashioned way. And because I couldn't work on what I had been working on (stuff on my absent computer) I had to work on something new, or something old. I chose something old.

what have you been doing? working on?


  1. That's why I back up everything on an external hard drive, just in case. Never had a crash, but I've had programs shut down unexpectedly and lose my work.

  2. Oh, MAN! I'm really sorry about losing stuff! I know I need to be better on the back up front, so I appreciate the reminder!

  3. I could just about see the big round amazing moon last night cos it was soooooooooo cloudy!!!

    Yay for pen and paper and writing the good ol fashioned way! Oh but I do hope your hard drive is returned soon!! All the best and take care x

  4. Love, love, love ... writing by hand. Love it!

  5. Marcy, I MISS YOU!! I want you to get your computer back SOON!

    I have 2 chapters of Voltage waiting for you, which I wrote last week.

    This week I have written zip. Just call it job-stress in the final days of school. But I'm finally finished and I plan on unplugged writing at The Practice Room tonight. I don't even care if I write crap, so long as I get words on a page. Crap can be fixed. A blenk page, not so much.

  6. Seriously, after reading this post, I am backing up my work for the day. Which I had failed to do. I'm usually pretty good about remembering but backing up files is kind like birth control: forget to do it, even once, and your life is forever altered. ;)

    Writing. Longhand. *shiver*

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