Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's like christmas

I have more new books! I'm in love with this whole library thing. Now, in addition to Margartet Atwood's The Blind Assassin, I also have Super Sad True Love Story, How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction World, and Wind Up Girl. I can have an upstairs book AND a downstairs book.

Oh, and I loved Thirteen Reasons Why.

Meanwhile I've been critiquing at Unicorn Bell (Lullaby today and Hero Games on Friday) and will probably be there until Saturday, then Sunday pics and Monday it's First Impressions. We've got four for August so I hope you'll come check out the first pages. I've also been revising my butt off, attended another TPR session, and enjoyed a very nice day off today with my son. Walkies and burgers on the grill. What's not to love?

What have YOU been doing?


  1. Just freaking over my new book's cover art!

  2. Also frequenting the library. And checking out as many books as I can carry.

  3. Moping! But yay for libraries!! yay!!! Take care

  4. Libraries are great! Don't forget to take the books back on time...

  5. ooh, Alex, I wish I was in your shoes!

    Su, I'm not sure what the limit is. I have four right now and another one just came in - which means I've got some serious reading to do this weekend!

    Old kitty, Charlie wouldn't want you to mope for long.

    Happy, thanks :)

    Sharon, I'd forgotten how wonderful they are.And I promise to get my books back on time!

  6. That's a great batch of books! I have a bunch of mystery/thrillers in my TBR pile but I've been in the mood for lighter, funnier books lately, so they're all on hold.

  7. Happy Christmas! Hehe. On my last holiday I returned with 25 books. I think I'm addicted.

    Today I'm catching up with emails and blogging, before starting work.

    Ellie Garratt

  8. Oops. Forgot to thank you for signing up to the Star Trek Blogfest!


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