Saturday, July 30, 2011


Do you ever do that? Just spend an hour or so moving things around, changing pictures, adding, deleting. it's a funny thing, in real life, I'm a fairly predictable person most of the time. I don't like change. I'm perfectly content to sit in front of my computer night after night tapping away. I like staycations as much vacations. And I don't need to go anywhere to have fun.*

But when it comes to this blog I just have to change things every so often. Like my new pic. Which is actually one my son took on Damariscove Island. He and his girlfriend are caretaking out there for the summer. Poor things.

Anyway, I promised to post something today before tomorrow's Sunday pics (Bok Tower and Gardens) and since you may have noticed how my blog never stays the same I figured I'd tell you. In case you were interested.

Currently reading Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin now and revising The Way to Dendara. I've cut 14,000 words so far. Only 34,000 to go. Oh, yeah, she's a whale, a big fat bloated whale stranded on a beach, flapping.

As for the weather (which I just know you're dying to hear), it's warmer today, more humid, and seems mostly sunny now. I have some chores to do, another book to pick up at the library, and a few items to get at the store after which I plan to do little else. Except write and maybe watch Deathly Hallows part 1 :)

What are you doing today?

* that said I would get on a plane tomorrow to spend a week (preferably more) in San Francisco and the first thing I'd do is head over to the Market Bar - if it's still there - and have one of their delectable salads with the heirloom tomatoes and a lemon drop.


  1. I'm a creature of habit - once something is set, I don't move it. Drives my wife crazy.

  2. Forgot to say that's a really cool photo!

  3. thanks, Alex, I like it, too.

  4. Just popped over to link your site to our First Impressions posts for next week and spotted the new picture. Love, love, love it! It looks so wild and lonely. I immediately want to write a ghost story in that spot. (Do I mean set in that spot, or I want to write it in that spot? Not sure.)

  5. The pic is beautiful :-)

    I like your changes, actually. I'm a pretty spontaneous person, but I keep my blog pretty much the same (largely because it's too much trouble to figure out how to change it ;-)). Oops, guess my laziness just got outed ... heeheehee.

    I've spent the day reading (Stephen King's "'Salem's Lot" .. speaking of being predictable lol), whining about my root canal pain, and helping my daughter with the lemonade stand she had (and she came up with the idea of donating the money she raised to the SPCA--she just spent a week of summer camp there--which I thought was the coolest thing). Now I'm blog surfing and trying to get over how hot it was outside ;-)

  6. Love your new blog header pic!!! Yay for trying something new every so often!! good luck with your editing!! take care

  7. Love the new blog header too! That's a great picture!!! I like to fool around with my blog too and in fact just made some new changes myself!

  8. wonderful scene. i lived in mass once upon a time ago but never made it up to maine. i'd like to someday (maybe a book tour!)
    san fran is uniquely awesome =)
    hav a good week!


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